It is time to wake up America.

As I look and watch what is happening around me I am sadden by what I see.

I see more hate than I have ever seen in my life time. Everyone hated everyone and everything. Whites hates black and blacks hates white. We elected a man as president of this country and he goes and works hard to do what you asked him to do and yet you expect him to do it alone. You don’t have enough back bone to stand beside him. You can not expect him to do it alone. No one can change anything by themselves. You can’t and I can’t.

At some point you have to choose where you stand. It is time to stop riding the fence. Now days we have very few that will stand up for what is right. Most people want to stand on the side where the money is. My friends money is not everything. If you think about it there is a lot of things that money can’t buy.

Oh I know I have heard all the pretty words before. But that is what they are pretty words. It is just what we want to hear. I am sorry but if you are looking for more pretty words you won’t fine them here.

I am here hoping to help you understand and see what is going on around us. To help each one to have the courage and faith to stand up and give an account.

From this day on I will try to do a post everyday. Your thoughts and comments are always welcome.

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