A time to think

I would be the first to say that there is good people and of course there is bad people. In short there can not be one without the other. But to we all have a choice and we all are what we choose to be. We are all what we choose to be. So I ask you what do you choose to be.

A friend told me that our president does not stand alone. That they stood with him. But I have to ask this person what are you doing to help him get the job done? These days we hear about how he has failed. The one man that has done more for this country than the last ten presidents we have had.

I think this day and time we say a lot of things that we think people want to hear. But now is a time we need more than ever need to speak the truth. Sure it may offen or hurt someone’s feelings but I would rather hurt your feeling than than shoot you a line of garbage.

We tind to see and hear what we want to. In this day and time we need to open our eyes and ears to the real thing. Whether we want to except it or not we are loosing everything that we had fought for and believe in. It is up to you and me to hold on to the things we believe in. But as I said we all make choices. It is up to each and everyone of us to make the right choices.

The democrats in this country is doing everything they can to line their pockets with your money. They care less about what happens to you or to me or this country. They have fought everything that our president has tried to do and yet he has stood tall and done so much for this country and given a chance will do so much more. We need people that will stand beside him and help him do what is best for our country.

I not a great writer or anything like that. I am just a man like each and everyone of you. I am not rich and I don’t have a lot. What I live in most of you would not even spend the night in but it is what it is. I don’t drive a fine car or ware fine clothes. But it is what it is and it is mine. I ask nothing from anyone except respect. Each and everyone deserves that.

Well we made it through one more day. So I will say good day to one and all hoping you all will have a great day.

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