Black and White

You know what current day whites and the blacks from 50’s and 60’s have in common. These are the only two groups of people to actually experience openly racial attacks on them that no one would stop. It’s all on video, ordering white people to bow, screaming racial slurs at white teenagers,harassing white churches, teaching white people they are racist at birth and white people are flawed, telling and teaching white kids they have white privilege and are so racist they don’t know it just because of the color of their skin,telling white people not to come to school on a certain day, wanting separate graduations, dorms and gyms. Black politicians openly attacking the white community, black judges holding whites in their district to a different standard than blacks, letting rioters go, and taking the guns of people standing up for themselves.The modern day black person has not experienced any of this and sound more like the old white racist and kkk than anyone.

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