Removed for standing for what is right.

When Father Rothrock spoke up against the group ‘Black Lives Matter’ (BLM), for the bad elements in it, the Catholic Father was removed. Being politically correct, in some organizations is sometimes more important than speaking what is right. When a few have spoken up of what is wrong, they are shut down from within their organization, in fear of losing their job, and in the social media, in fear of being suspended from Facebook or Twitter. They were shut down for not being politically correct.

BLM has affected the nation, from small towns to megalopolis, from small shop owners to mega-companies, from the colleges to universities, to the social media, to the Christian faiths. And it mostly isn’t for the better. Rioting shouldn’t have happened, and the looting, destroying of property, and the hurting of others, and the killings. It was wrong!

Yet some Americans have organized and stood up to them. And when they did, BLM wasn’t able to riot, destroy property, physically hurt others and kill, just to mess up other people’s lives. Citizens in Boise, Idaho stood up to BLM with a huge number of citizens standing up to BLM. And when patriots stood up against BLM, BLM then wasn’t able to physically destroy their city. I wish more Americans were like that!

Black lives do matter, but so do other lives also! Police lives matter! Why defund them? They are not killers of blacks. Who has killed more blacks, police officers or black men? The lives of those who are being aborted, they matter! If black lives do matter, why doesn’t BLM riot against Planned Parenthood? . . . or all those bad elements that have made black lives miserable, . . . and it’s not the police. Blacks need to look at themselves. They know who the problem is, . . . and they need to fix it. It’s their problem, and it was not caused by the police, or by the white race. Blacks can fix their problem.

What more important, of all things, in our America, it is better to say and point out, that ‘All Lives Matter’! This means that police lives matter. This means aborted babies, their lives matter. And that blacks, Hispanics, whites, Asians, Native Americans, and other ethic minorities, their lives matter! The elderly, the homeless, the mentally ill, their lives matter! It comes down to this, ‘All Lives Matter’!

Christ was the best example of this, He was the Savior for all ! Why? Because all lives matter!

Are you willing to stand up for what is right no matter the cost?

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