How many people puts in a day like his and keeps going?

Let’s look at this man for a moment. He is a 74 year old man coming back home from work at 2:00 am, while most men his age are retired and living in their vacation homes. He comes back after a long day that probably started before the sun rose and gets back home exhausted with his tie open and hat in his hand feeling that an accomplished day is finally over.

That amazing man is the age of many people’s fathers, grandfathers, and great grandfathers. This man just came back home from work, for you, and for me.

President Trump left his massive gold covered mansion where he could have retired happily and play golf all day long. Yet this man put his wealth aside and went to work for free, for $1 a year, for you, for me, for us, and for the United States of America.While other presidents became rich during and after their presidency, this man Lost over 2 Billion dollars of his wealth during these short 4 years of his life.

He put aside his amazing retirement and lifestyle just to get ambushed every single day by the Media and the Radical Left that trash this man who works for them until 1:00 am for free!
He doesn’t do what he does for the money or for the power, as he already had that. He is doing what he does so that the American People will be safe in their homes, that their schools will get better, that they will be able to find good jobs or start new businesses with greater ease, that they will be able to keep a few more dollars in their pockets at the end of the month, while other presidents before him made sure to keep digging in those same pockets and empty them for taxes.

Look at this picture again, that man is at the age of many of your fathers, grandfathers or maybe even You! Where is the Respect that should be shown? Where is the Honor? Where is the Appreciation? Can one be so Blind as to not see the good that this man is doing for you and your family?

Can you not see all of his work on behalf of minority groups and the unborn in America? Yet you keep calling him a racist!

Can you be that one sided as to not see how much this country has developed in the last 4 years?

President Donald J. Trump, I want to thank you with all my heart. I am so sorry for the blind hatred that you have been made to endure. You are not perfect. No one certainly is! You have made many mistakes in your life. Who hasn’t? You are a good and generous man. I know this instinctively. What I don’t understand and think about often is what kind of people can be so hateful in their hearts as to spew such contempt and vile, not just at you but at your family too? Or the people that constantly mock you and make you the butt of jokes because you’re not a professional politician, and that you’re not adept in speech making and bold faced lying. Or the people who have nothing better to do but to attack your wife and young son. These same people believe and are so sure that they have not been manipulated by the Press or the Media. They truly believe that their hatred is really their own. Yet when asked to explain why, many of these same people cannot articulate the reasons as to why.

What has happened in our great country? Why can’t these people realize that they have been manipulated and brainwashed and led by such a deeply rooted Evil force that wishes nothing better than to bring down our Great Republic. “The Shining City on a Hill.” The American People are a great people, but they are in a bad place right now, both in their hearts, and in their souls. May God help us! May the Lord heal the hearts and minds of the people of this great country! Trump is not the problem. #TRUMP2020. #saveOURCOUNTRY

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