Pride and honor to all.

I’m sure that I’m about to tick off people from both sides. But it was an honest observation.

I went to the cemetery to see my dad, he passed back in January before all the mass madness started. The cemetery was started in 1872. Looking over the fields of stone I noticed something I had not seen before. Now this is a small country cemetery that is well taken care of, along with several American flags I also saw many confederate flags on graves also. My curiosity being peaked at this anomaly in this day, I went and looked at each one. They were placed on confederate soldiers graves who had died after the war. Some of these soldiers could not have been older then 15 when Fort Sumpter was attacked.

My mind wondered and wandered about just thinking about these men, some of which were only boys at the time. They did not fight for slavery, these were poor farmers and ranchers that were private and corporals. They fought believing in something albeit losing. They fought with character, they fought with honor and they fought just to get back home to their sweethearts. I’m sure the same was true for the north. To these men and to most of their descendants that flag, the rebel flag, southern cross and even the stars and bars were a symbol to them, not of slavery, they owned no slaves, but of brotherhood standing up to the overreach of a government. They had pride and love for their southern homes, their families and friends.
I walked by each one trying to make out the name on some, most had been forgotten and faded where you could only see CSA that told me they had been there, like many before and many after. I could feel their presence, these were strong men and boys fighting for freedom and to be free from oppression.
I’m not going to leave the slavery question unanswered. Slavery was a part of why Fort Sumter was attacked that day. The plantation owners and big business men in the south owned slaves BUT the ones who laid down their lives for a flag didn’t own anyone.
As I left the cemetery today, I really felt my dad was in good company, besides the CSA, there were WW1 and WW2 veterans buried there also who fought for others freedoms as well as our own here at home. There were also Korean and Vietnam war veterans, who were called on by their country to fight another war on the other side of the world. They all fought for a flag they believed in, they also fought with honor and character. My dad was a Korean War veteran, he is in good company with all of these men and I left today feeling better. I am a descendant of the CSA, but I am not a descendant of the KKK. My family has never owned slaves. I was taught to respect all people’s, we all bleed red.
So in closing, every flag that has flown over these great united state’s never meant hatred, they meant honor and pride. That is the heritage for every American, white, black, brown, immigrant and so on.
When you see the rebel flag, as I have always called it, try to think of the men and boys who died pushing back against an oppressive government.

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