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Few months ago I talked in a city where a 6th grade boy recently and tragically died by suicide. Why?

Mom took away his favorite video game.

As sad as it is to say, this isn’t even close to the first time I’ve seen or heard this with my own eyes and ears. A video game, or phone privileges were taken away, and a son or daughter reacted with a suicide attempt or completion.

Parents, if you’re in denial that today’s video games and social media apps are NOT deliberately designed to be drugs, it’s time to pull your head out the sand for your kids’ sake.

Persuasion Labs… they’re all over Silicon Valley. They’re teams of experts inside gaming and social media companies trained in child psychology and neuro-addiction with one task: keep your kids HOOKED to their screen. Why?


Attention is the new currency, and with millions of apps screaming for your kids’ attention, things have gotten sadistic.

Instagram holding back likes to get kids to keep checking their phone…

Snapchat Streaks using teen psychology to get kids to open their app more frequently so they can serve more ads to them…

I got a text from a Paramedic telling me “We just had a teenage girl attempt suicide because her phone fell off mom’s car, the screen shattered, and she thought she lost her (Snapchat) streaks. She was screaming ‘MY STREAKS!’ as we were wheeling her to the ambulance.”

I can’t even count how many moms and dads have told me their daughter or son ended up in the ER from a suicide attempt simply because they had their phone or X-box privileges taken away or reduced.

Guess what? This is NOT normal. No matter how normal society tries to make it, the notion that “this is just how it is for kids today”…or “kids have changed today…they all just play video games and eat sugar.”

Kids haven’t changed, WE have changed. We have created systems that are robbing kids of happy and healthy childhoods.

Games and social media apps dump digital dopamine on kids’ brains, and guess what? The brain can’t tell the difference if this dopamine comes from gaming or from “real” drugs. To the brain, it’s all just an addictive chemical.

And the saddest part is this: This has all been done deliberately.

Persuasive Design teams at gaming companies sit in groups and ask “how do we steal more attention and time of kids and adults to play our game or scroll our app?” and less time letting kids be kids and parents be parents. “How do we get kids to stay hooked to our products? The heck with their mental health, how do we increase our bottom line?”

Your kids are being used as lab rats in an experiment that has turned into an evil cash grab until enough science has come out that everyone finally recognize what these companies are all doing to kids.

Sean Parker, Facebook’s first president, said in an interview they exploited human vulnerabilities in their design, and ended with this:
“God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains.”

All of these have been skyrocketing since 2010…

Child/Teen Anxiety & Depression…
Youth Suicide attempts and completions…
Sexual predation by adults and the sextortion of teens on social media…
Kids/Teens addicted to pornography…
Sex Trafficking…

It’s all related.

This is cigarettes 2.0 and it’s time to take back your kids, yourself, and your family out of the experiment. put down the screens, put down the games, and reconnect with your kids. This is all on us parents to fix.

Let kids be kids again. Please read the articles below.

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Brain Hacking:

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