I don’t know what to call this one. The child is not the problem. If you think this way then YOU are the problem.

I’ve tried to keep this to myself, but I am just so appalled that I can’t. Ari and I made a trip to walmart today, and while walking down the aisle, keeping to our self, a random woman, probably mid 30s or so, stopped us and started talking to Arianna. Now for anyone that doesn’t know my child, she knows no stranger. She will talk to any and everybody she sees. So we stood there, while they had their conversation and then politely told her bye as we were about to leave. As we’re walking away, the same woman shouts at us “hold on!” I stop to see what she needs and then she asks “is your child black?” I said she is mixed, yes, why? Then follows with “I thought so. That’s why I stopped to talk to her. I just felt so bad. The fact that you yourself laid down with a black man and had this child is awful. Now she will never have what white children do and she will live her life with hatred in her heart.” My blood is boiling by this point so I simply say “excuse me, but I’m going to put a stop to this conversation now and walk away.” She then tries to grab my arm while saying “you are an awful person bringing such a terrible thing to this world.” I’m literally about to go off and do not want to do so with Ari sitting there so I just turned and walked away, while she screams down the aisle “mixed children shouldn’t exist! She is what’s wrong with the world! She is the problem!”

As Ari and I get in the car, she looks at me and asks “mommy, why am I what’s wrong with the world? Did I do something wrong? I was just trying to make her happy.” And that’s when I broke down and lost it.

I’m really not sure what makes people so miserable that they say and do the things they do… this day and age I’m terrified for my daughter and what she will encounter in life. What I do know though, is my daughter will be raised to love everyone just as they are and to treat everyone with respect. I just hope she never has to encounter ANYTHING close to this again.. People like her ARE what’s wrong with this world.

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