Everyone needs you read and take this to heart.

I thought I was dem all my life…when Trump ran I felt like I was in the twilight zone like how can so many people be pro Trump…it must be because they hate women, or black people, or Mexicans!!

But wait….none of that makes any sense!!?? Why do people I know and respect approve of him?

Fast forward to 2020….wow was I misguided, programmed and blind to what is realy going on out here!!

So far no one in my family has ever cast a vote in our lives because we didn’t think it really mattered, that the president was pre-selected and votes were not counted properly anyway so what was the point.

This year me and my family of 7 will be casting our votes for President Trump as we now know how important it is and what side we are on in this war for our freedom, for the children and for this country!!

We are telling everyone who is willing to listen!

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