To bad the media did not tell this in the beginning.

George Floyd died at the hospital not on the street. Autopsy shows blood drawn antemortem at 9PM. antemortem which is an adverb meaning- before death. Floyd died 30 minutes later at 9:30PM. He was treated for at least 30 minutes. The media has been lying about this.

People don’t die of asphyxiation an hour after the event, after having a breathing tube inserted. His heart could not keep up with the amount of drugs in his system. There is no way he would have survived.

Floyd died of an overdose. There were no fatal wounds. He wasn’t bruised on the neck. The officer of course was negligent for not seeking medical aid once Floyd lost consciousness and this is in no way excusing his inhumane actions. However, this does not equate to murder.

Note the needle marks found on his body from injecting himself with the drugs. Drugs are a real pandemic in our Country and killing our people at legit alarming rate. Take the anger of what you thought was racism and put it towards illegal drug use where it belongs please.

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