Revelations is being full filled right now.

Credit to West Walker for the commentary, “Democrats officially have as their party platform to be the Party of Secularism. They do not stand up for God, Believers, or Religious freedom. If you are a Democrat-Catholic, you simply are not wanted in the party. Republicans support God, Country, and the right for individual tolerance. Have you ever seen a “tolerant” leftist? Their history of authoritarianism started with their first president Jackson and his mistreatment of the Cherokee and the Trail of Tears. It moved on to calling slaves their possessions and counting them as cattle: they led a Civil War and attacked the Republican first president Lincoln. Their long history of intolerance has existed in every decade: against women’s right to vote, civil rights, and interned every Japanese they could find. Even today they despise election results: trying to blame the president for their long history of burning the flag, anti-police, and pro-criminal platform. A vote for Biden/Harris will be a vote for this continued hate and persecution, a deep-state government of insider deals, turning our institutions against their “enemies” (fellow Americans with a different viewpoint) as we saw with Obama’s IRS, Benghazi, and so much more. They want to abolish law enforcement, open our borders to overpopulate and give fugitives and criminals “sanctuary” abolishing ICE while they live in their mansions surrounded by armed guards.”

Revelations is being full filled right before your eyes. Friends it is time to wake up.

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