Sheep to the slaughter.

This may make some people angry but I think it needs to be said.
Are you a Christian? Do you really had faith that God has all power in heaven and earth?
As I go places and see and watch people I wonder what has happened to people. Most all have turned in to sheep. I read about what Germany done when so many were carried to prison camps. Most of the people would get on a bus or train and go to the camps today.

Has any on seen a sheep took in to a kill room to be killed? Here is what happens. The sheep will quietly let you lead it in. When you tie the cords around his back legs so you can hang it up so all the blood will drain when you cut its throat it does not make a sound it does not fight back. Then you hang it it still makes on sound gives no fight. Then you take a knife and cut its throat and as it hangs there with the blood draining from its body it makes on sound and still does not fight back. It dies quietly with no fight. This is where old folks gets the saying like sheep to the slaughter. You have given up you say nothing you don’t fight back.

Search your own self. What are you today and what will you choose to be tomorrow. What you do and what you are is a choice only you can make.

Me I choose to stand for my children my grandchildren for your children. Life will go on no matter what. The question is what kind of life will they have. So please stop and think about your choices. Think about the ones you
Love that can’t fight back. Little ones are watching you learning from you. They learn the good and the bad. We think they are not listening and most time they aren’t but I promise they do watch and see you for what you really are. Remember actions speak louder than words.

Our world our country we are shaping if today. Our children will have to live in it tomorrow.

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