Here it is from one that knows

Hi, my name is Hsin lun. I am from Taiwan.
I speak 5 languages. Chinese is my mother language.
I love America and always believe American dream. It was dream come true for me when I moved to America 2 years ago.

When I was younger, I heard people saying Obama was a good president. I thought that was true until I started to see China getting stronger and stronger and Obama/Biden opened the door for them.
I was concerned about America.

China controlled and ripped off those American companies in China.
In China, people also can access expensive softwares, technology, tutorials, movies, designs… from America all for FREE. Yep, any resources.
Lots of experts, scientists and professors work for China secretly in America.
(Thousand Talents program, TTP, started in “2008” )
China is investing tons of money in mainstream media in America to brainwash Americans and financing Hollywood.
(( uh.. China bought the nuclear companies in America too..😥))

Here are some reasons why I become a Trump supporter.

– China started to ban people from sharing free illegal resources because Trump asked Chinese government to. (But people still secretly pirate them by blocking IP from America )

– Arrest those spies who secretly work for China in America.

– Punish those who harvest illegal organs and torture people in China.

– Help Taiwan from taken over by China

– Arrest those who do children trafficking/ sex trafficking and save children and people in America

– Stop drug trafficking across borders

– Fund the Historically black colleges and universities for black community.

I seriously hope more and more Americans will wake up.

I love America.
God bless president trump and America.

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