This is what your democrats want.

So I never really read into Biden’s Gun control proposal….. and it is absolutely insane…. INSANE!!! Under his proposed plan, current gun owners would have to register all firearms that fit his “description” as an assault weapon (which would include the majority of all semi-automatic pistols and rifles)….. and pay a $200 fee per firearm, plus and additional tax on each detachable magazine with a 10 or more round capacity. You also could face a 10 yr prison sentence and a $10k fine if you where caught not in compliance….. this will ONLY hurt law abiding low income families…. pretty much will disarm the poor…. they couldn’t afford these fees, they are already expensive to begin with….. this is purely an attack on the poor…. what so now you have to be rich to be able to protect yourself? Absolutely mind blowing….. what a tyrannical proposal…..

Oh and btw…. the fees would also include all Inherited firearms as well…. so that rifle you got when when your gran dad passed, if it qualifies…. better cough up $200 bucks……

Copied from a Friend thats got all of our best interests in mind!!’

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