Could not be said any better.

Don’t complain when Biden destroys America’s economy because he will send your Jobs overseas to China.
Don’t complain when gas prices go back up to 4-5 dollars a gallon like they were during the Obama administration.
Don’t complain when the entire country shuts down again and more small businesses go bankrupt.
Don’t complain about wars in the middle east without a president to engage in historic peace talks.
Don’t complain when you bring home $12 out of $100 after taxes.
Don’t complain when the police aren’t there to help stop unlawful acts because you wanted them defunded.
Don’t complain when he is impeached for his treason as the VP, then Harris & Pelosi destroy our country.
Don’t complain when your freedoms are slowly taken away one by one.
Last, but not least, don’t dare complain when this country and its people take matters in their own hands to protect what they have worked so hard their entire life for.
I wish him the best because why would I want any President to fail. But knowing what I know I fear for our country. But we won’t spend 3.5 years burning down cities, destroying businesses, launching false investigations, spy on his campaign. That’s the difference between right and left. You can’t burn the country down every time the wind doesn’t blow your way.

when this country turns to shit every last person that voted for Biden will be the first in line to complain about what he’s doing!

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