Mask don’t work and never has.

I wish masks worked but we have tons of evidence they dont! They have made sure though, that all those studies aren’t accessible anymore. In fact the state’s with the skyrocketing ‘new cases’ are those with the strictest mask mandates…what does that tell you? Common sense is needed now. We are heading into the flu season, and with everyone locked down our immunity sucks! We know the tests aren’t accurate anyway (based on facts) how many of those people have the flu and not covid? The CDC hasn’t even predicted the flu cases for this year? Why is that? Because they are all going to be covid cases, gotta keep the numbers coming to keep us under control! From April 2019- April 2020 they predicted 22,000 – 64,000 deaths from flu? Remember it’s still a prediction because it takes months to get actual data and analyze it…so a 40,000 spread? Wonder why? Because they need the numbers for covid deaths? Yes people are getting sick, is it covid, maybe. Is it worse than a bad flu season, maybe by a little. Do we need to stop living, shut down our country and change our live s for it? Hardly! The amount of harm done to those being locked down and forced out of work, and to our children may take us decades to recover from! And letting parents and grandparents die by themselves with no family around is horrible and abusive!!!!!!! If you are on the front lines I know it’s much harder on you, and I am truly sorry for that. And thank you for your hard work. But you are in a tiny microcosm of the most I’ll and I’m sure it is overwhelming from your perspective. But that’s what happens when you chose to work in the field. I couldn’t do it! But the reality is it is a very small percentage and we cannot ruin everyone else’s lives for the few unfortunate ‘s that have gotten really sick. How many are actually dying in your ward? How many normally die in any given year from complications from the flu or a virus? Maybe if we were getting real numbers and could believe what we were being told it would help! The problem is the medical community has lied and covered up the facts from the very beginning. This is and never was about a virus, it’s about the systematic theft of our freedom by those who want to control us and get rid of President Trump! He represents truth and freedom! And the deep state and it’s cohorts can’t allow that! Fortunately many are waking up to this takeover of our country and our lives! And we will not allow it! I realize most likely you have very little time to do the research to find out the truth, it’s hard to find. But I can assure you over 70,000,000 people can’t all be wrong….

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