Here is a good way to look at hunting.

We’re all guilty of it. We see a hunter with mismatched camo with an old single-shot 12-gauge. And he’s sporting his deer he just harvested on the back of his old truck. It’s a doe or more than likely a smaller buck. But he’s happy, and grinning from ear-to-ear like he just killed the new world record! So you laugh and joke with your buddies as he goes by. While leaning against your brand new truck, in your name brand matching camo.

But have you ever stopped to think that maybe the deer on the back of his truck means a lot more to him than just big antlers…. maybe he’s a third shift blue collar worker at the local saw mill, just trying to pay his bills and keep gas in his old truck. Maybe he don’t have the fancy game cameras and big food plots that you have. Or the big fancy hunting blinds, that cost more than his old truck. Maybe he’s happy because he finally didn’t have to work this weekend. So he decided to go hunting on the little piece of land that he’s hunted since he was a boy, with the gun that his dad gave him when he turned 12 years old. More than likely he’s not hunting to kill the next World Record. He could care less about the antlers.

But what he does care about is putting food on the table for his family at home, and knowing that they’re going to eat good for now. And that my friends will put a smile on any true sportsman’s face.

So good luck to all the hunters out there with the rest of your season. Just remember this, support each other and be happy for each other, no matter how big their harvest is, because to some folks it means a lot more then the size of the antlers.

To many hunt just for the sport. My grandfather was an old Cherokee Indian and taught me if you kill it you eat it. To many these days hunt just for a trophy. As I was driving the other day I saw two nice deer laying on the side of the road. If it had me that hit and killed the deer it would have been loaded up and dressed. If I had not needed it there are others who would have been glad to have it. Food is food.

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