Here is your true democrats. Don’t this make you so proud to be a democrat?

C R, it’s obvious, that Rick Sarson Sr. is another “democrats’ brain dead walking zombie”… should Biden become president. He’s gonna mandate Bill Gates vaccine. Which effects people’s DNA. Which also has Flu like side effects symptoms: fever, chills, body aches and pain. Whereas, 2 injections must be taken, 7 days later after first injection. But here’s the “kick in the butt,” to it.., these symptoms last for months. And they’re not telling the people the percise number of months, symptoms last… commonsense tells me, many parents aren’t going to be able to work. To look after their children. No work, no pay, no money to buy groceries, pay rent, or pay utilities. In the long run, unable to care for their children. The children will be removed from the home. And don’t forget, Harris said they’re gonna confiscate all guns. So, with no guns, families can’t resist these evil people. To prevent from their children being taken from them. Whereas, these evil demonic democrats will torture, murder, and eat these innocent children. And drink their blood. In their satanic occult child sacrificing rituals, to their god of Baal. I guess Rick isn’t aware.., of the thousands and thousands of innocent children. That were rescued from underground tunnels. During the coronavirus shutdown. Where Our Service Men rescued these children. Where the evil democrats had them caged, yrs and yrs. Using these innocent children in sex-trafficking them to foreign countries. And breeding them. To make more children to eat, and sale, for profit. While the evil democrats accused Trump of these illegal children in cages. The democrats had thousands and thousands of of these children, in underground. My understanding, all these children were held, by the Clinton Foundation. No one can tell me otherwise. I saw the videos of Our Service Men, carrying boxes and boxes of pampers, children hospital beds. I saw videos of knees, arms and legs of these innocent malnourished children. While doctor and nurse, examining them. However, camera men weren’t able to show these children faces. It was said, some of these children were from hurricane Katrina. That was in 2005, and the missing children that couldn’t be found. The democrats held them in cages, in underground tunnels. These children who were kidnapped by Hillary’s people. No one can tell me otherwise.., I saw these videos myself. And that big US MEDICAL SHIP.., was not for any covid-19 patients. It was for these innocent children that were being rescued. You people need to wake up… Biden is involved 100% with the evil democrats in child-pedophilia. He’s a child-pedophile… one last thing.., some of those fires in California, were underground tunnels, that Our Service Men blew up, to put the evil democrats out of business. Y’all don’t really know what’s really going on behind the scenes. And be it known.., I am not crazy… I’m just sharing information, to wake you people up. This is why the evil demonic democrats want Trump out, because Trump is exposing them, he’s taken the kids from them, and returning these innocent children, back to their rightful parents. Get this thru y’alls head….. And Rick Sarson Sr., you need to shut up and sit down… be a real man, and keep your family safe from these evil demonic child-pedophiles……

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