It is time to wake up.

As I look at where our world is headed I know things get worse and worse.

I know many people all over the world has set and watched the same thing happen in their country. I feel for each and every one of you. Your freedoms and all your human rights taken away. I do know that the same thing is starting here.

I read my bible and two thousand years ago it talks about a new world order and one world government. I believe that it will soon take place. If the bible is not God’s word then please explain to me how it talks about the things that is going on in our world today.

This did not start over night it started many years ago and will not stop. Money and power controls so many and they will not stop until they think they have it all. Most people do not realize what is happening. They have been promised so much and I do know that for a short time they will get a little bit and all of a sudden it will go away because it will be costing the rich and powerful to much money.

Your jobs will be gone, no home to live in, no food on your table, and no clothes on your back. You will become one of the homeless you see every day.

What the big corporations are not thinking about is if you are broke and homeless who will have the money to buy their products. And the great stock market will crash as it did back in the depression. Think about it, how many years did it take to come out of the great depression?

Where we go from here is up to each and everyone of you. You are the ones that make the choices we have to live by. Another thing that no one is giving any thought to there are millions of people out here that will stand and fight to keep the freedoms that our families members has fought and died for. Many veterans stand by the oath we took when we went into the military.

That oath says to up hold the constitution and what it stands for to defend this country against all enemies. So if you are trying to do away with the constitution and our freedom then you just became and enemy to this country.

The truth is the truth you can take any way you want too. That to is your choice. But you do need to open your eyes and take a good look around and see what is really going on. As my grandfather used you say son nothing in life is free. Someone has to pay the price. You need to think about whether it is worth the price or not.

I hope each and everyone will share the link so all your family and friends can see this one and ask them to send it on also.

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