Democrats in a nut shell. And you ate it up.

From a friend who is spot on here.
Just so we’re clear: (1)Democrats nixed our relief cheques because they wanted Americans to suffer prior to the election in order to help Biden. Then they lied to our faces saying Republicans refuse to negotiate. (2)They hedged on hoping for a vaccine, claiming Trump wasn’t trustworthy; again, to help Biden. (3) They let American cities burn, innocent people harmed, in a few cases even murdered(including small children),in order to help Biden and (4) stood by while the businesses of hard-working Americans were destroyed, in order to help Biden.
Pelosi, Nadler, Swalwell, Schumer, all the liberal fake news people, Schiff, each and everyone, lied day in and day out about Trump… even before he took the oath of office. This also includes Biden and Harris. Those people I mentioned are total scumbags. I cannot even watch them anymore. They have no morality, AND, if humans really do have souls, they are void of them. This was always about one thing: An outsider got elected President and he was not interested in “business as usual.” He would have been treated the same way had he defeated Hitler in 2016. This was always about their power being challenged. About the reality that their ability to obtain more wealth, either legally or ILLEGALLY, being threatened. It was never about Trump. I’m sure he had some seriously shady deals when he was a builder and developer in NYC, but he was as clean as a whistle upon taking office. All he tried to do was make America safer and more financially secure. All he tried to do was improve the lives of legal American citizens, get out of pointless conflicts, pressure foreign entities to pay their debts to the U.S. as well as call them out on all their “pussy footing around,” AND taking a hard stance against China, by far America’s biggest financial and national security threat. For wanting these things he was attacked and plotted against in the most treacherous, conspiratorial, and egregious manner in the history of our nation. I’ll take Trump over a thousand opportunistic, immoral, pieces of shit, corrupt, career politicians any day of the week. Don’t know how anyone can admit to being a Democrat!!!!

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