Here is what no one is telling you

We need treatments as well to keep people out of the hospital. A Doctor just said they have used it for 100 years. China said in February they used it. Why did it take 10 months? The FDA and CDC are corrupt. Ivermectin treatment costs 12 cents. DOXYCYCLINE works wonders on it’s own. Combined 100% effective. 100% is better than 30% and might prevent hospitalization. Just a thought. Why don’ t the CDC and FDA report on these treatments that save lives?

Anecdotal evidence is what Fauci and Dr Mark Seigel call many clinical trials on a global scale for Hydroxychloroquine. False term. Btw Fauci and NIH have had 10 months to conduct a clinical trial on HCQ, zinc and Azithromicin at 96% effectivity or Ivermectin and Doxycycline at 100% effectivity. When the president suggests. One would think that the institues raking in billions from the administration that they could do several clinical trials and use the proper dosage instead of overdosing patients like the WHO did as well as the UK RECOVERY STUDY.

The observational study by the Lancet was discredited for fabrication of data. In many trials that these ” experts” quote had patients only given HCQ and no Zinc or antibiotics. They failed which was the desired result.
India, Egypt. France, Morocco and many others have used HCQ at lower doses and with Zinc and Azithromicin with excellent results. Yet all we hear about is Remdesivir, Regeneron, Convalescent Plasma etc.
When will Fauci, Birx. CDC, FDA, Mark Seigel, John Hopkins tell the truth and save lives? Never apparently.

The media and all of The above need to be held accountable for 300K ” COVID deaths” and long term organ damage. The drugs Need to be used in 3 or fewer days of onset of illness.
Their ” studies” gave to patients WHO were severely ill and in some cases already on a ventilator!! Knowing they would not work.
Enough is enough.

Fauci, Birx, Bill and Melinda Gates, CDC, WHO, FDA, Mainstream Media etc all want a vaccine long term. In addition, Gilead owns Remdesivir. (31% effective at $4700 per course of treatment). The Teacher Retirement Unions in CA, FL, NY etc all own stock in Gilead. When there was a good report on Hydroxychloroquine, Gilead stock dropped 8 %.

This is why politicians, State medical boards, media, governors are all in on this hoax against Hydroxy.

The Lancet wrote an article about a study of 691 hospitals on 6 continents and they FABRICATED ALL THE DATA. They had to retract the study.
The UK Recovery Study actually killed patients. They gave 4X the lethal dose of HCQ and the patients died.

The WHO stopped their study ” Solidarity Trial” because they did the same. This allowed them to say ” HCQ is deadly”.
The Lancet and NEJM, AMA, CDC, FDA, NIH should be shut down for medical malfeasance. Hundreds of thousands more will die if they keep lying.

Ivermectin and Doxycycline is 100% effective. No deaths. HCQ, Zithromax and Zinc is 96% effective.
Remdesivir, owned by Gilead is only 31% effective and is an I.v. drug.

Ivermectin and HCQ are OFF PATENT and HCQ is about $40 per treatment. So there is no money in HCQ. This is about money and politicians and state medical boards, governors and dems are letting people die to make Trump look bad. Over 1 Billion tablets sold. It is safer than aspirin.

Fauci and Obama paid the Wuhan Lab of Virology 7.4 million in 2 payments. The lab studies for 6 years how to make the virus more transmissible. Should that be a crime against humanity? Yes.
There are as of December, 39,000 clinical trials of Ivermectin cinder way. Hundreds of countries are using it.

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