The easy way to explain this whole thing.

SC Congressman Jeff Duncan on the election & irregularities suggesting FRAUD:

“The comments about my intention to challenge the electoral college votes from certain states are……interesting.

Here are MY thoughts:

I was once a Bank Branch Manager. When my Head Teller was out of balance or I had to audit her vault, she and I did it together. She watched. She and I Verified. We both signed off on the balance.
If she had walked away the cash drawer, I could have slipped $100 out and told her she was out of balance – maybe she took the money or maybe she gave too much to the customer when she cashed their check. It was my word against hers if she wasn’t present. That was why we both watched/counted.

When I saw the vote counting officials, in several areas across the nation, send people home – and then keep counting votes through the night without anyone observing; or when they covered the windows where the tabulations were being conducted, in an attempt to keep legal observers from seeing what they were doing behind the glass, I recognized it as, at the very least, malfeasance, and at worse, corruption.

If this election was on the up and up, WHY keep observers from, well, observing the vote count?
If they were honest, how can they explain sending people home in Pennsylvania and then continuing to count votes without legal observers present? If they were all legal votes, why not wait until morning, when everyone returned, to restart the count? Or just Keep everyone there during the count until it was finished? Before mail-in ballots, they were able to accomplish that in a timely manner with same-day, in-person votes.

If these officials weren’t attempting to shield their actions from others, why cover the windows or make the legal observers remain 30-100 feet away?

Why the pushback against looking into the forensic evidence related to voting machines changing votes? (Proven to have happened several thousand times).

“Today we are witnessing Democracy at work. This isn’t as some of our …. colleagues have referred to it, sadly, as frivolous. This debate is fundamental to our democracy……”
“The representatives of the American people in this house are standing up for three fundamental American beliefs: The right to vote is sacred; that a representative has a duty to represent his or her constituents; and that the rule of law is the hallmark of our nation.”
Nancy Pelosi’s words in 2005

I remind so many of you that the DoJ and the FBI have been working against Donald Trump since before his inauguration. Remember the Steele Dossier fabricated and propagated by elements of the FBI and used to hoodwink the FISA Court? How much time and how many millions of tax dollars were spent with Robert Mueller to go down that rabbit hole with less (because it was fabricated) evidence?

I believe this debate is important to our Republic. I look at it as an integrity issue. The integrity of our elections from this point forward.

I am disappointed in the failure of our highest law enforcement and investigative agencies to properly investigate obvious violations of the rights of observers, if nothing else. Throw into the mix the fact that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court made new law in that state which was in direct contradiction to the Legislature’s law for mail-in ballots.

I swore an oath to protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States – Not to a single person, so blow those comments -that this is about “loyalty” to President Trump – out of your ear.

This procedure is spelled out in the Constitution; it has been used in the past (the past three Republican Presidents saw the Democrats use this challenge) so it isn’t unprecedented; and it is imperative that we represent the millions who, too, question the processes of this past election.

“The Constitution is the guide which I never will abandon.”
George Washington”

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