Who really wrote the covid bill? It was not Congress.

Vincent Thomas Paine

The lost art of critical thinking…of asking questions without being led on a leash by the media.
Questions such as, who wrote the Covid relief bill? It wasn’t congress. They never read it before they voted for it.
As Nancy Piglosi said about another bill congress passed without reading it, “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it.”
Such is our modern ‘representative’ government.
So I was told lobbyists connected to the US Chamber of Commerce, a leftist cesspool Mark Levin has been criticizing for years now, wrote the Covid bill.
So think about it. Who the hell are these people? Who elected them? No one!
In effect, people we don’t know, haven’t voted for, and have no idea who they are, where they come from, what they do…besides the lawyers…are actually passing new laws.
If all they have to do is write a bill so long, like the over 5000 page covid relief bill, in which congress has no time to read it, but passes it anyway, these lobbyists are writing our laws.
Here’s another question no one asks. Why would we give millions to Pakistan for Transgender studies when that Islamic State either kills LGBT people, or severely restricts their rights?
DO you really think the Pakistani Govt is gonna take that money and devote it to transgender studies?
They’re gonna buy weapons from China and Russia. Just like Obama’s Iran deal was clearly meant to provide Iran, not only with a legal path to the bomb, but to finance the purchase of weapons from Russia.
Iran pays Russia money we release to them to buy weapons. Russia buys 20% of our Uranium partly from the money.
Ya getting it yet?
What’s easier to say to the American people:
“These millions of your tax payer dollars will go to help the poor Transgenders in Pakistan”
“These millions of your tax payer dollars will go to fund the Pakistan military and wind up in the hands of the CCP.”
So who the hell are these people who wrote bills like this? They have to know the money they’re sending to a nation that abuses their LGBT people will never use it for them. They’ll use it for the military.
So. Who are they? Why isn’t the media asking? Where are the reporters digging for the truth?
The answers are far more disturbing than the questions themselves.

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