Communism now stands at the door and so many are letting it in.

From Vincent Thomas Paine:

Can’t sleep. Lots on my mind.
Politics. Recent devastating news regarding someone close to me. Wanting to be in DC but can’t.
Elections in GA not going well. Warnake the Marxist won his election. The other too close to call.

Thoughts are running through my mind at the speed of light. America stands on the brink and is about to topple over to communism, not socialism…. Communism.

You can scream about election fraud all you want, but the fact is that half this country wants socialism. Elections have to be close to be stolen.

In my heart of hearts I know that the Left has won a long time ago. While we were busy working and raising our families, these vile Godless anti American leftists spent the last 80 plus years working tirelessly to transform America and steal the hearts and minds of our children.

You have to steal minds before you can steal elections.

The fact is that it’s not the stolen elections that’s the problem. The problem is the stolen minds. The minds of our sons and daughters we allowed the Thief to sneak in at night and steal because we were asleep… That is, we were unconscious, or spiritually blind.

We allowed TV to babysit our kids, while their shows subtly fed them Marxist ideas.

We sent them to school, trusting they would get educated. But instead they were indoctrinated and we were too busy to notice or too caught up in our bread and circus to care. We didn’t notice the curriculum. We didn’t listen or just brushed it off when our kids told us what their teachers said that day. How anti American and anti Christian it was.

We didn’t want to force religion on our kids and wanted them to make up their own minds…while the Left, through every institution, from pre K through
College, through kids TV, through the popular culture…forced their Marxist anti American anti Christian beliefs on them.

So I lay here. Unable to sleep. Wired and wanting to act, but can’t.

It’s like watching someone you love in the final stages of life. My America is dying. Our liberty is gasping its last breathes, and I lay here feeling absolutely helpless to stop it.

Fading away are the noble ideas we were founded upon.

The higher aspects and better angels of our nature…That divine spark which ignited a holy fire of freedom, has been extinguished.

All that remains are the ashes that serve as a reminder of what we had. Hoping to return to a better past of virtue and morality seems as futile as trying to gather those ashes and form what once was.

Tomorrow, as the sun rises, I make a vow to myself and my God that I will be more determined, more steadfast, more involved, more angry and more I face that sun and the new day it brings.

I will not go quietly into a Marxist night. I will not live under communism. I will never accept the rule of Socialists. I will fight in every way to defend our Republic and the faith and values that made us great….

…even if it’s just gathering ashes and hoping.

I will never surrender to tyranny. Not tonight. Not tomorrow. Not EVER!

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