And here we are and is only going to get worse. You ask for it now you got it.

Vincent Thomas Paine

So this is what is going on…
Massive censorship of conservatives on social media.
Parler officially down.
NYPD and Army investigating its members who MAY have went to the Trump rally to peacefully protest.
Several State Attorney Generals are launching criminal probes against Trump…with NO CRIMES ALLEGED.
A Forbes media CEO is targeting Trump and members of his administration, as well as known Trump supporters in what he calls a truth reckoning…
“On Thursday, in what was the most recent and possibly the most egregious example, Randall Lane, Forbes’ chief content officer, announced that Forbes Says It’s Targeting Trump Staffers and Their Future Employers in what he called A Truth Reckoning.”
It’s apparent what is occurring. The establishment, which we were told was a White conservative systematic racist system, is label, targeting, and coming after you and I.
In this obvious infringement of our freedom of association, they are treading on dangerous ground in using the violent actions of a few people to blame Trump and blacklist us all.
I have been screaming on social media since 2008 that communism was coming. Friends co-workers, and relatives thought me a radical.
As I’ve said before, my reality is that freedom and zeal for my God and Republic stirs within me as though it had a life of its own.
Even with personal challenges I’m dealing with now, I cannot quiet or temper this impassioned stirring. I must act. It’s beyond me at this point.
I plan on attending meetings with like minded people. Submitting articles to conservative outlets while they still have the right to publish. Making YouTube or Rumble videos and possibly starting a podcast, as a few of you suggested.
Perhaps audio is better than video, since the reality is we now have a target on our back.
And one more thing to think about.
When Hitler came to power, he didn’t round up the Jewish people overnight. He couldn’t take a chance of a public backlash.
After his rise to power in 1932, a massive propaganda campaign blaming the Jews for Germany’s woes began.
From there, an economic and political persecution began. The rights of Jews were systematically targeted.
Jews couldn’t own businesses or work at certain professions.
Only once the Jews were dehumanized and demonized, it was a small easy and ‘justifiable’ step to the slaughter of 6 million of them in a Holocaust we said we would never forget.
This is what we face. It’s real. It’s here.
Speak up. Move forward. Rage against it. Don’t recede. Don’t appease this beast, thinking it will go away and all it wants is power.
No matter what we do, it’s coming for us.
Encourage and empower yourself through faith and God’s spirit.
Pray. Act.
I’ll see you on the battlefield!

Well you asked for this now you got it. I hope you are happy. But just think you could be next.

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