Welcome to corporate America

What these major corporations want, and unfortunately, what many on the left want is control. And they don’t want unity. We hear a lot of talk now about unity, but sadly, I think they don’t want unity. They want control and they want you to have the same opinions, to voice the same opinions, to toe the party line — and if you don’t, then they’re willing to use every power at their disposal to shut you down.

That’s what they’ve been trying to do with many, many conservatives. And that’s why for those of us who believe in the First Amendment, in the right of free speech and the Constitution, we have to take a stand and we can’t allow this to happen.

This is a moment that is very scary for a lot of people because you see the left and the corporations — these monopoly corporations working hand in glove with the left — to try to silence speech on a scale that, frankly, I’ve never seen in my lifetime.

This is a moment where those of us who believe in the First Amendment, and by the way, whatever political persuasion, whether you call yourself a conservative or liberal, if you believe in free speech, this is a time that you’ve got to take a stand and say, hold on, hold on. We’ve got to preserve this as Americans.

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