The crisis we face.

Vincent Thomas Paine

The crisis we face.

We were warned. We were told by screaming voices through the past several decades of the coming Communist storm. People who were a part of the Beast and served it faithfully were saved by God’s grace and freed from its clutches.
Like faithful servants to their Lord, they tried to tell us. Lookout, they said. Beware, they said. An insidious and diabolical enemy has inserted itself within our Republic…in the State Department, in Hollywood, in the Media, in EDUCATION. In our Churches, specifically the Roman Catholic church. Sorry Bella Dodd, we should have listened.
They knew this Beast and how it operated, for they were part of it. They told our government our FBI our CIA what was going on. Their words fell on deaf ears. Little did they know just how large this beast had grown.
Even an American president, warned that the beast was in his own administration, ignored the warning from his own FBI and promoted one of the Beast’s disciples.
Whitaker Chambers.
Elizabeth Bentley.
Bella Dodd.
They were the most vocal of the former disciples of the beast who were saved from it. Their return to God after understanding the evil nature of the system they served opened their eyes.
They testified to congress.
They wrote books.
They told the FBI
They shared their stories.
No one cared.
A senator from Wyoming saw this beast inside our system and tried to warn us. For that, he was censured by congress, demonized by the media and Hollywood, lost his re-election bid, and died an alcoholic…broke and depressed.
Sorry, Senator McCarthy. We should have listened instead of making your family name synonymous with Witch Hunts. You were the hero not the villain.
A former KGB agent whose specialty in serving the Beast was to get people to see the devil he served as an angel of light.
Yuri Bezmenov warned us. The CIA didn’t believe him. His videos are all over YouTube, but the window of opportunity we had to listen closed before the internet boom. Conservatives could have pushed his message across. But even Limbaugh, Hannity, and others, whose voices reached millions didn’t talk about him. To this day, the only conservative in media I heard discuss him was Michael Savage. But that was recent.
Too little. Too late.
But I suspect that even if they were given a platform, no one would have listened. They would have heard, but very few would have listened. They would have saw, but few would have SEEN.
To see and listen to truth lays moral obligation and responsibility on you to ACT. Which is why so many stay in the blue pill world of willful ignorant bliss. Many intuitively knew. But many more didn’t care. Such a responsibility is too great to bear. Let someone else… This mythic hero who resides in our imagination, emerge from the ether, and save us.
But no one emerged. No hero came because there is no ONE hero. Leaders emerged. But leaders need an army. Even the greatest of Generals cannot secure victory alone, or with a few.
We see this truth with Trump.
So here we are today. The warnings of a communist nightmare becoming our reality is here. The tyranny we were told would descend upon America like an iron fist has arrived.
Democrats want:
To blacklist us
Spy on our texts, emails, and phonecalls. They did it to congressmen, reporters, and a sitting President. You don’t think they’ll do it or are doing it to us? They don’t need a network of informants to identify dissidents, like past communist regimes. We identify ourselves through social media and our calls and texts.
Their methods and disciples have grown far more powerful, thank to technology.
Facebook. Twitter. Amazon. Microsoft. So many others. They are apostles of the Beast. They tell the beast who we are. They silence us, shadow ban us, take down our platforms. Their intentions for us who resist are terrifying. They will do to us what they did to so many people of the 20th century who resisted it.
The voices of those slaughtered by the Beast…all 120 million plus… Scream to us. Their voices ripple through the fabric of time and fall on deaf ears.
The Beast is now firmly in place in a land once free and brave. It has snuffed out the light of this once shining city on a a hill and blinded millions here…led astray through its siren song of peace, equality, social justice, and a better world.
From its new throne, placed there by the millions duped by it, it casts out threats and intimidation, lest we dare resist it. It does so because it is not yet all powerful. It is weak and vulnerable.
But not for long.
Soon, it will be unstoppable by any means on this earth. Very soon. It projects a power it has yet to achieve, and so many are now receding in fear from its harmless roar. Which is what it wants.
I don’t know the answers. I don’t know if the ideas I shared are enough to stop it. I do know NOT acting, NOT voting….throwing your hands up in a cowardly manner, will only ensure our demise.
If you throw your hands up let it be in earnest prayer to the only power who can defeat the Beast….our Heavenly Father. In earnest prayer, seek His face. Ask Him to guide your paths and show you what you can do.
Ask Him for His wisdom, above all else. Ask Him for His courage, a steadfast faith and an unshakable conviction in the moral righteousness we have that we are marching forward in HIS name and by His will.
Let Him melt away the apathy and fear of our former selves. Let Christ renew you and transform you, replacing the traits of your former self with the virtues and gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Put on the armor of God and know you are His soldiers. Be willing to face untold hardships and persecution and rejoice when they come. For our reward will be great!
I don’t know the future or the result of all this, but I TRUST HIM. If this path is a martyrs path, so be it. The greater the pain the greater the glory.
Though He slay me yet will I trust Him.
So for those of you asking me for a plan, here’s step one….
Repent. Seek His Face and His will. Pray. Read His word. Ask for strength, then get off your ass and go!

25Tom Sheehan and 24 others
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