It is time to wake up and make a stand.

By Davie Jones.

I am a retired teacher. I answered that calling later in my life. I always knew that my colleagues were by-and-large of a liberal bent. In retirement, in the dawn of the social media age I maintained contact with many of them through those social media platforms.

Despite being aware of their political inclinations, I was appalled at the glee with which most of them responded to the throttling of Parler two weeks ago. Their mindless acceptance of false equivalencies (eg. conservatism/libertarianism equals racism, bigotry, hatred) was beyond anything I knew that it could be. They conformed to the mindset of 1790s Jacobins.

I expressed my concerns to them in a respectful and logical manner. Their response to my concerns regarding the throttling of free expression in some cases was HATEFUL. I had been their colleague. They know me and I would think they know my nature.

When I left the Army in the mid-1970s, I was involved in a business. My business neighbor was named Juan V., a former CPA-turned-small business owner. He was from Cuba. He had witnessed public trials. He had told me of his horror at watching neighbors whom he described as normally “gentle people, calling for blood”.

Couldn’t happen here? “No”, we say. – Well, that’s what we call the “normalcy bias”. We push aside our forebodings saying such darkness could never overtake our free society. It can.

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