A post from last year’s super bowl. Is this what you want for your daughters?

Maybe we need to think about this for a minute. You want people to respect your little girl but look at what the world puts in front of her and says this is okay you can do what ever you need to to get to the top. I for one would try to teach mine better. At the end of the day she needs to be able to respect herself.

To my family and friends:

I’m no prude, and anyone who knows me knows I truly appreciate the sight of pretty girl, good looking woman, in fact all women (my mother was a woman, so was my wife). Nevertheless, the raunchy display that was put on by the NFL at Super Bowl Halftime Show, in my opinion, was nothing short of disgusting!

What does it take for a girl or a woman to go out on a stage, in the middle of a football field, in front of virtually the whole damn world, at what’s supposed to be one of the the most family oriented events of the year (there are children watching, for God’s sake, and watching their parents’ and families’ reactions – and LEARNING!) and do the things those women did? Have they so little self-respect; has the NFL so little respect, not just for the women, but for ALL of the fans who tune in to view the spectacle?

The media drools over stories about the Harvey Weinsteins, or comments made by Donald Trump, but says nothing when crap like this goes on the TV screens all across America, and the world, where young girls are served notice about what our culture thinks and expects of them. Isn’t there anyone with an ounce of respect at the NFL, or their sponsors, or sense of morals enough to say NO MORE!!!??? Did they learn nothing from their recent fiasco with the flag, except to put on, NOW, a gratuitous display at the pre-game show? I understand J-Lo, or however she spells her name, and boyfriend sat for the National Anthem. Colin Kaepernick is gone, but a practice more evil has filled his vacuum.

I have been reading articles about the orgy of pedophiles having sex with underage girls, and boys, DURING the Super Bowl. DUUUuuuuhhh!!!!

What’s his name, the owner of the Patriots, was excoriated last year for getting a massage, with benefits, prior to last year’s Super Bowl.

And then, as though the halftime show has nothing to do with any of all that, on come the girls shaking their booties, and anything else that’ll move! Am I missing something here????

Even if those women who performed have no respect for themselves, and the NFL nor their sponsors have no respect for women, WOMEN ALL OVER AMERICA AND THE WORLD DESERVE TO BE SHOWN MORE RESPECT THAN THAT!!! Where are the feminists who not so long ago complained so loudly about how women were being so objectified?

Whenever anyone asks, what has happened to the moral fiber of Americans, all they have to do is remember the pornographic display that went on at the 2020 Super Bowl.

I hope and pray the NFL gets a face full of what Americans think about the extent to which they, the performers, and their sponsors will go to make a buck, and become famous, and hopefully come up with something a lot more respectable next year.

I just signed a petition urging the NFL to apologize for featuring a scandalous and pornographic half-time performance. I wanted you to sign, too, to help keep this danger from families watching the Super Bowl in the future.

Mr.Sheehan to my fans at Tully’s

PS: I’ll be 81 in about two weeks, and can say whatever I want now.

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