Sound familiar. Open your eyes and take a good look.

Patricia Anthone

History shows us that whenever and wherever a regime comes to power by conquest, coercion, fraud or other illegitimate means, its first order of business is to protect itself from those it wishes to subjugate.

  • The overthrown leaders and any who personify the ideals of the vanquished administration must not only be removed from office, they must be destroyed. Their very existence poses a threat to an illegitimate regime.
  • Information about the illegitimate means by which the regime seized power is aggressively suppressed while a more ‘pallatable narrative’ is propagated. Dissent by any; first in government and later within the general public, is characterized as a ‘treasonous’ offense against the nation.
  • Military barriers are erected to defend the ruling class against recourse by its subjects.
  • Speech, print and broadcast media are subjected to strict control. Eventually, even informal discussions among civilians will be controlled by the regime and its surrogates.
  • Property rights and economic liberty are punitively burdened. The regime claims the unencumbered authority to control all wealth generated within its reach. Ultimately, the right to own property is treated as a government-bequest to its loyalists.
  • The right of a citizen to bear arms is first restricted and severely burdened. Ultimately it is altogether denied. Civilians are disarmed. The regime becomes the sole purveyor of lethal force.
    In how many ways has the Biden Admin and the DNC cabal already demonstrated this pattern?
    Before actually seizing power, proponents of this regime engineered a terrific momentum advantage:
    They orchestrated a year of fear-driven totalitarian control during which EVERY NATURAL RIGHT of the person was violated with utter impunity. The irrational fear by which this feat was accomplished gave cover to the manipulation of election process and hobbled opposition to its contrived results.
    The Party now in control of both Executive and Legislative branches of the US government SEIZED power. They were not seated by consent.
    Their authority is not legitimately delegated to them by democratic process of the people.
    — Legitimate American office-holders do not require DOMINION over either election process or the people.
    — Legitimately-elected office-holders don’t need to suppress speech, press-coverage, self-defense or political engagement of the people.
    Authentic Americans must hold fast to the MORAL principle on which this nation was founded:
    Defense of the dignity and inalienable rights of each person is both the PURPOSE of Law and the MEASURE of Justice.
    This moral principle must serve as the yardstick against which every exercise of governmental authority is measured.
    And then we must be willing to vocally REFUTE and physically DEFY every exercise of governmental power that fails against this measure …
    … no matter the cost.

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