From some one that can see where we are going.

Vincent Thomas Paine

This is a horrifying time in America. As I stated, I will not celebrate the acquittal of Trump as part of an unconstitutional, un-American, vindictive political impeachment.
57 senators voted to convict. That’s not reason to celebrate. It’s a reason to get angry, gear up, and recognize that things have already changed.
The rule of law has been turned in its head. The tools of government; from surveillance to legal proceedings, are being used to go after political opponents, not criminals. If they did this to a president, what will they do to us?
Well, we got some hints of what they will do and be willing to do to us in the name of their sick twisted ideology and lust for power:
Kill our eldery
Shutdown our businesses
Destroy our jobs
Levy punitive and confiscatory taxes designed, not to generate income into the government, but to target and destroy private property ownership.
Close our churches.
Cast Judeo Christian beliefs as hate speech.
Censor us. Ban us. Put a political mask over our mouth to prevent us from speaking out.
Hand us over to our foreign enemies.
Label us domestic terrorists, but refuse to use the term Islamic terrorists.
The very enemy of freedom now controls the levers of power in Washington, and their insatiable desire for power and control is taking us down a familiar path.
A path filled with the blood of those deemed ‘enemies of the State.’
A path that leads to a mass grave of over 120 million souls, slaughtered by the system called Collectivism. A path made possible through Atheism, denial of original sin, denial of God, denial of his Objective moral truths, denial of the inherent evil in man, and the foolish and evil belief that we can forge a just, equal, and prosperous society without faith in Him.

Look at other countrys that has taken this path. Is this what you want for this country? Is this want what our families members has fought and died for? It is time to wake up. We are at the end of the road. We all have to make a choice. Is this the world we want our children and grandchildren to live in. If life was so good in all these socialist country why would so many of them be trying to come here to live. We need to use a little common sense here.

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