We knew this was coming sooner or later.

Unfortunately a “conservative” group based in South Alabama has been able to convince some members of the ALGOP leadership committee that the people’s and state’s use of Article V procedure provided in the Constitution is unwarranted and far to radical.

They are wanting to pass a resolution to rescind all Article V resolutions that have been passed in Alabama.

The Article V provision in the Constitution is the only method to fight back against an overreaching, overpowering and overspending Federal Government.

They do not want term limits on career politicians They seem not to care that Federal spending is bankrupting future generations. It doesn’t seem to bother them that Federal regulations control nearly aspect of your life and will only get worse.

They only speak of fear and uncertainty That “We the People” shouldn’t dare use the Constitution to push back. Let’s just leave things the way they are.

The Founding Fathers saw a time where the Federal Government would become – all to powerful. They provided the solution, Article V, maybe the naysayers should actually take the time read and understand it.

Each nonsensical statement they make against using Article V, has been rebuked time after time by Constitutional Scholars.

What’s more concerning, when a conservative group and members of political party no longer trust the people and the States to do the right thing.

This Saturday in Montgomery, the ALGOP committee members will vote YES or NO to rescind your voice

Call or email your county’s ALGOP committee member and ask them to vote NO on the resolution to rescind all Article V resolutions passed in Alabama.

We the People of Alabama will be watching.

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