Democrats don’t want this here.

Patricia Anthone

Guess what we DID NOT SEE during our stay in the working-class village of Punta Mita, Mexico?
There were NO Panhandlers; no hopeless derelicts begging a handout.
People often return to the states and declare the self-supporting but subsistence-level living they witness in Mexico to be “sad.”
This condescending judgement fails to account for the economic mobility made possible by retaining the freedom and incentive to earn.
We saw individuals, couples and families engaged in creating value of every kind; prepared foods, crafts, clothing, beverages, produce, eggs, etc.
Street-level entrepreneurialism flourishes there in the absence of suffocating bureaucratic regulation. The villagers showed an enterprising vigor I’d previously associated with America – cultivating every talent and honing every skill to enable its productive use in their own support.
Although living and working conditions would be considered poor by US suburban standards, we did not see the HOPELESS DERELICTION that has been purposely cultivated by US public policy and has therefore become common in the US.
Obviously, industriousness is a human trait, not an American or Mexican trait. But so, too, is the capacity for idleness and hopelessness when the individual is disempowered by public policies which prevent work or strip it of its value.
People of all nations are rational beings who respond to incentive. And in Mexico, it must still be the case that monetizing a willing pair of hands pays more than does begging for handouts or petitioning for taxpayer-funded subsidies.
In the US, individual initiative is being crippled by a toxic combination of regulation and welfare. Incentive is undermined by the welfare state and excessive regulation creates barriers to entry-level workers.
It’s illegal in the US to perform no-skill tasks for less than the arbitrary federal minimum wage. Illegal.
And with the Federal minimum now jacked up to an absurd level, this law now renders MOST unskilled people unemployable. Unskilled tasks simply cannot generate sufficient value to cover the contrived cost of an unskilled hire.
It’s ironic that in the “land of the free” a person’s natural human right to trade on the value of his or her own time, effort, willingness, energy, knowledge, skill or talent is so much more burdened than it is in Mexico.
And the resulting dis-empowerment of the individual is no accident.
That’s more than “sad,” isn’t it?”

If it was this way here people would not depend on the government and there fore the government could not control the people any more. The more you depend on the government the easier it is for the government to control you and what you think or do. People it is time to stand up and fight back. You need to take back control of your life. Your children deserve better than this.

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