Here it is in short but not so sweet.

Isn’t it ironic that the party forever bemoaning wealth “inequality” consistently enacts policies that hit low and middle-income-earning families the hardest?

When the cost of fuel is PURPOSELY driven up by government policies, EVERY other essential of living is made costlier.

In cities and states run by the Statist Left, the middle-class all-but disappears, leaving only the connected/wealthy and the disconnected destitute. CA already resembles many 3rd-world shitholes in this regard. Under Leftist Administration, the entire US may soon be in the same condition.

Hyper-regulation impedes the private and profitable (pronounced, “economically sustainable”) production and distribution of essentials like fuel, living space and food. The cost of these essentials then skyrockets. Duh, right?

In response to the artificially-inflated cost of living CAUSED by hyper-regulation, what “solution” does the Statist Left offer?

More FORCE, of course!

Doubling the mandated “minimum wage” has now made it illegal for a person of minimal skills to accept an $8/HR or a $10/HR wage.

A low or no-skill TASK capable of generating sufficient VALUE to cover its newly-mandated COST is relatively RARE. Where a person offering only “willing hands and heart” could once have mounted an employment ladder in nearly every US industry, most of those ladders have been yanked well out of the reach of the unskilled worker by the Statists’ combination of wage-laws and hyper-regulation “sold” on the basis of “helping” the entry-level worker.

Statists deny that while the COST of something can be inflated by force-of-law, its economic VALUE cannot be dictated by law. When FORCE opens up a wide enough gap between COST and VALUE, demand for any price-fixed thing – in this case, ENTRY-LEVEL WORK, collapses. Opportunities for those of minimal skills shrivel when governments fix wage rates at arbitrary, politically-driven rather than value-driven levels. What entry-level opportunities remain in the market, being made scarce by force, will likely go to the connected rather than to the deserving.

Meanwhile, the cost of fuel, and by extension EVERY other ESSENTIAL of living has been PURPOSELY driven up by the actions of government. The Social Justice Elitists in government, media and entertainment (and their sycophants) absorb the purposely-inflated cost of essentials with only minor adjustments to discretionary spending. But for the low and middle-income-earners who together comprise the majority of the population, the additional burden is crushing.

Real simple when fuel prices go up everything else follows and goes up. You think there are a lot of hungry children out here now just wait a few more months. Things are going to get a lot worse. If you know a democrat be sure you don’t forget to thank them for what they have done to this country.

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