Am I the only one that knows what happened and is still happening?

I need to know if I’m the only one that feels this way.. it’s obvious China wanted Trump out of office at all costs I personally believe they release that virus on purpose which caused millions of deaths worldwide just so they could implement their fraudulent election it’s obvious in my eyes what took place with the virus the riots the election fraud and basically taking over our country they’re all in on it even Republicans the supreme court big tech the news..I used to be a happy-go-lucky guy and now I wake up angry everyday I can’t watch my local news because I’m tired of the lies I’m tired of being lied to .. it takes probably a third grade education to figure out step by step what the Democratic party big tech and our foreign enemies implemented to steal this election and our freedom and now right before our very eyes we’re watching all the payoffs trillions of dollars of our tax money given to our enemies and all the people that participated in this treasonous election my question is how much longer are the American people going to sit on their hands and complain on Facebook about it and not do anything about it when is enough enough who is going to end this madness.. they are not playing by the rules they’ve done everything they’ve murdered they’ve robbed pillaged stolen lied but yet the law abiding citizen is just allowing it to happen when do we stand up for our rights when do we take back our country I need to know what people are thinking because I’m losing my mind I’m having a hard time living my life happily knowing that our country has been taken over by a corrupt criminal organization..

The next step is the new world order. It is at our front door and people just will not open their eyes and see it.

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