In case you have forgotten.

In case you have forgotten, the Trump Administration through Operation Warp Speed had contracted with pharmaceutical companies to produce 800,000,000 doses of Wuhan Virus vaccines that were in development. After Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines were approved, the Trump Administration contracted for another 200,000,000 vaccines from those companies.

These vaccines were developed and went through FDA trials in 9 months instead of 5-10 years because the Trump Administration cut through the multi-layered federal bureaucracy. When state governments failed to ensure their state was prepared and adequately supplied, the Trump Administration provided hospital beds, PPE and other medical equipment to states.

The Trump Administration made sure the distribution system was in place. This was led by state governments (which, is where it should be as they should know better what their state needs) and backed up by federal government resources. That is federalism folks. If the federal government had controlled the distribution process and imposed it on the states, that would be the actions of a dictator. That’s not what President Trump was and is how Joe Biden is acting.

President Trump had many policies that I disagreed with. Mostly they involved obscene spending. I stated on several occasions President Trump should have vetoed Congress’ spending bills and forced them to behave more responsibly. He didn’t and that was a huge mistake.

In 7 weeks, Joe Biden has continued this spending spree AND legislated from the Oval Office AND refused to enforce laws passed by Congress and signed by Presidents. Those are impeachable acts unlike the nonsense against President Trump invented by Congressional Democrats, the media and Hate Trump crowd.

There is nothing inaccurate in this post.

Have a great Saturday.

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