A math lesson for democrats.

I wonder how many people know how to do this new Math that was used to rally the election results? Apparently, in the presidential election, there were 81,282,903 votes cast for Biden and 74,223,030 votes cast for President Donald Trump, according to a current tally from USA TODAY, so this isn’t some right wing propaganda like some wanna claim. Now as hard as it is to wrap your head around the fact that a man who couldn’t get 6 people to show up at a rally gets that many votes, there’s more to this story. On December the 8th the Brookings Institution published a report on county-level results. The report showed that Biden won 509 counties, while Trump won 2,547 counties. Results from 28 of counties were not finalized at the time but are being overwhelmingly shown in trumps favor. So, I understand that some counties like California’s LA County have 10.1 million voters but not all of them voted for trump and I also know that some counties like a few in TX only have 10-15 residents in them but guess what? Of the 509 counties Biden supposedly won, 49% of them have populations under 1500 people. So if all 249 of the counties actually had exactly 1500 that would be 373,500 total votes from those counties combined. So that means of the 260 counties Biden SUPPOSEDLY won, each county has an average of 312,627 votes that went just to Biden, that’s not even considering the Trump votes in those counties. Those are some big ass make belief countries folks. I think I know where they’re hiding all those illegal aliens “oops, undocumented immigrants… or dreamers 🤦‍♂️” who voted for Biden and you best stay away from them counties because there are a ton of the walking dead there. So. If anyone has any literature on this new math, let me borrow it because I wanna use it the next time I balance my checkbook. Here’s a picture of the counties won by each candidate. Enjoy the show and relish the fact that you’re some of the first people to see what will soon become the worlds newest unsolved mystery

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