Only president Trump could draw real crowds

Imagine if you will …one man draws crowds of 50,000 people that on very short notice he was holding a rally…because of the sheer amount of people they had to use Airfield and turn away any that couldn’t fit.. people with MAGA hats and signs all of a sudden chanting “We love you” over and over the president smiling and with a humble “ thank you” he didn’t read from a teleprompter hardly ever…, he just talked TO the people. NOT AT THEM !!He did this 3-4 times a day for months.. Im guessing he probably never slept!!
When President Trump went to Walter Reid hospital, RSBN news covered it for 24 hours and I’m pretty sure he could hear everybody. I tell people…his rallies held MORE people than at an AC/DC concert… and that is a lot. TRUST ME!
And then.,. You have another guy who never leaves his basement, his rallies have 10 cars maybe, at one rally, BIDEN complained that trumps people about a mile or so away was too loud …AND THAT GUY WON?! Seriously?!!
NO I know who rigged the election and how!! It is who is REALLY running the country… BADLY!!!!
Someone who hated Trump more than anyone in the planet… went after an impeachment not 1 time but, a second time when he was NOT even President any more…and then screamed at the people who didn’t choose to impeach him. So…then this person tried to go after him criminally!!! Yup SHE has been a busy woman.. what she has done is criminal and SHE TOOK OUR PRESIDENT AWAY FROM US…With NO REGARD TO HOW IT WILL AFFECT ALL AMERICANS DEMOCRAT AND REPUBLICANS!!
Don’t believe me? Biden had 50 EO’s on his desk on DAY 1… Did he write them? Why did he sign them on DAY1?what was the hurry?! 1 of them Terminated the Jobs of 45,000 pipeline workers…without a warning.. men that had families.. kids to feed.., One guy on you tube cried in his truck asking WHY..WHY? Because that was something that Trump endorsed and was very proud of “Energy independence”!!!!
Another Trump achievement that had to be erased …That makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE is the Stopping of the boarder wall.. We already PAID for the wall.. the materials are lying on the ground!!! and of course 45,000 more American jobs building the wall are terminated or day 1!! More American people with Families to feed.. homes to pay for and people are flooding the country…drug trafficking, drug mules. EVERY EMERGENCY ORDER that was written up for Biden to sign on his FIRST DAY was revenge directed at PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP!!! With absolutely no regard to whether it was unethical or immoral. It had to be done on HER ORDERS!!! Remember her Tearing up in front of a ROOM full of people at the state of the union address with everyone watching Tearing up the papers President Trump handed out, that is a symbol of what she is doing to the country.. SHE GOT BIDEN IN.. AND HE AND HARRIS GOTTA PAY HER BACK. FOREVER!!!EVERYTHING WE ARE SEEING IS DIRECTED AT REVENGE OF OUR PRESIDENT!!! AND SHE WILL NEVER BE SATISFIED!!!!
Remember him looking up at the TV screen, sitting at a table saying “so ,,you want me to answer any questions UMM I’ll do whatever you want me too?!”

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