Read and think about this one.

I would recommend acquiring insurance if carrying a firearm, or even just in your home. Six figure defenses can bankrupt most people. I have subscribed to a membership in self defense Attorney Andrew Branca’s Law of a Defense organization. An attorney who specializes in such defense would be worth his weight in gold if needed.

Wallace L. Garneau

I served four years in the Marine Corps and another four in the Army. I never qualified as anything less than ‘expert’ with a rifle or handgun, and was good enough with a handgun to have been actively recruited by the All Army Pistol Team. When I still had young eyes, I could shoot the bullseye out of a target at 25 yards, and I still can if I get the front sight post properly in focus with my progressive lenses (I have shooting glasses on order to remedy that problem). I’m pretty damned accurate even if I cannot.
I do not carry a handgun, and I have never been in a situation where I thought, “if only I had a weapon on me,” but I can tell you with absolute certainty that if I was in a grocery store with a handgun, and an active shooter came in, I have both the tactical training as well as the weapons training to engage the shooter and to take him or her out.
Now, I get that I am an outlier, and that the average Joe lacks the training I’ve had, but don’t you think the country is safer if people like me are armed?
Criminals don’t worry about background checks and there will always be a black market for guns. Someone intent on killing will always have access to guns.
Perhaps more importantly, an 80 year old grandmother with a gun is just as strong as a 22 year old man with a gun. Our country was built on the premise that all people are created equal, but it was Sam Colt who made that true. The right to keep and bear arms prevents an estimated two million violent crimes every year, most of which involve a perpetrator who is bigger and stronger than their attempted victim.
If you are a woman, or are elderly, you should own a gun, and should learn how to use it. If you own a gun, you damned well need to learn how to use it safely and accurately.
If you want to mandate training for gun owners, Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution grants the government the authority to prescribe such training, so as long as training requirements are not designed to infringe on the right to bear arms (such as by being prohibitively expensive), so I am on board with that. Guns can be dangerous in untrained hands.
Beyond that… It isn’t guns you are asking to have taken away. Criminals will still get them. It is the ability to defend yourself that you are asking to have taken away.
There are 18 million military veterans in our country. All of them have had weapons training. Believe me – if you are ever in an active shooter situation (and you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning, twice, then of being in an active shooter situation), your best chance at survival is to have a veteran with a gun somewhere nearby.
The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed!

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