Remember this is where it started.

From Joe Thomas Paine:

Since I became a cop in the mid 1990s, democrats in NYC were pushing for a change to the NYPD residency requirement laws. They demanded that newly hired cops be required to live within the 5 boroughs alone, eliminating the surrounding NYC counties.

Even as a politically unaware person at the time, I saw right through this. They want less White cops. The greater majority of Whites in the NYPD live in the suburbs of NYC. How is this not racist?

They even stated they want cops to look more like the neighborhoods they patrol.

Well, the City Council just voted in sweeping new changes to the NYPD, including requiring new cops to live in the 5 boroughs.

De Blasio just introduced his new Racial Equality commisson which assumes there is inherent systematic racism in govt, and seeks radical changes to the laws of NYC to address such racism.

Why is this important?

Because both of the above are themselves racist. They blame the failures of some on others, and push the false narrative of an unjust and racist America.

So why is that important? It’s just NYC.

Because it’s not just NYC. NYC is the litmus test and the starting point for what radical democrats have in store for the rest of our nation.

To put it simply, they are legislating in communism, outlawing the values and traditions of our past, and targeting a specific group of people as the scapegoat and the reason for the perceived evils of our nation. I don’t need to explain what this leads to. See Russia, circa 1917 and Germany, circa 1932.

NYC is gone. It is lost. It is a hill in a battlefield that has been completely overrun.

But you’re not safe in your red town. These atheistic marxists are coming for you. They’re right now planning and plotting on how to seize power where you live and turn your free state into a communist state, just like they’re doing in NYC.

These are the children of darkness, as Bishop Vigano calls them they are disciples of hell and Marx. They seek to turn all that is good into evil, destroy all we hold dear, rid us of the sacred, and usher in the profane and the abominable.

For me, nothing else matters. This is our Country. These are our rights. This is our faith. These are the values that we cherish, which give life its meaning, and for which better men than we laid down their lives for.

How can we continue to live our lives as if all is okay?

We love life. We love the fruits of our prosperity. We have plans for retirement, want to see our kids grow, succeed, get married and raise a family.

Yet that is all in jeopardy because the disciples of hell are winning, and they are a few steps away from turning this once great, free, and greatest nation on earth into a hell on earth, ushering the entire world into a long period of evil and tyranny.

I have wants, plans, and hopes for retirement in peace with my Queen. I want my boys to have a better life than me. But they won’t. Your children will not either.

I refuse to continue to feed the beast. I take a vow to stand out and stand opposed to this spirit of anti-Christ, because that’s what it is.

I will live my love for God and His Son out loud. I will love my patriotism out loud. I will surrender neither to these barbarians.

Not today, not tomorrow, not ever!!!!

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