Not funny but you don’t hear about this in the news.

The National media is silent and are not publicizing this tragedy by inciting violence across the nation, like they typically do. But the fact is. A black man killed a white man and it doesn’t fit their agenda.

The man who was killed didn’t use drugs, didn’t abuse women and he certainly was not under the influence of any type of illegal drugs. He was not a career criminal but rather a career public servant. He loved his job and enjoyed helping people along with supporting his wife and raising his beautiful family. He was simply doing his job trying to help a stranded motorists on the side of the road. And he was murdered.

If you really want to make a difference in our country, open up your eyes and become “woke” to what is really happening. Turn off the television which constantly pushes hatred and violence that has commonly portrayed our nations peace officers as the bad guy, which unfortunately continues to this very moment. It is all unacceptable and needs to stop.

The point of this post is not to incite violence or hatred. It’s because I am fed up with the medias biased racial bullshit. Glorifying trashy career criminals and trying to criminalize the actual good guys that are amongst us just ain’t working. It’s divided our country further apart than its ever been and needs to end. Try treating folks exactly how you want to be treated. You will be amazed of the outcome.

And please take the time to pray for the Walker family and our entire nation.

walkerstrong #dps #brotherinblue

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