Why removing the 2nd amendment will not work.

Post by Bob Terrio

yes you had better BAN CARS because of drunk drivers. BAN PLANES because of 9/11.

Here is a novel idea. Why not EBFORCE THE CURRENT LAWS??? How about we ACTUALLY HOLD CRIMINALS ACCOUNTABLE? Oh wait we can’t do that its probably RACIST. Oh wait if we ACTUALLY ENFORCED THE LAWS then Hunter Biden would be in PRISON. Can’t have that now can we????

It is the person not the gun that is the problem.

Here’s an even BETTER solution for you. Let’s take the laws from the town of Kennesaw Georgia and make it Federal. Mandate that EVERY household has a gun. Before you scream in terror you should probably Google the situation. Kennesaw has a murder about ONCE EVERY COUPLE OF YEARS. Not months. Not weeks. Not days. YEARS.

Since 1968 people like YOU have been saying “if it only stops one isn’t it worth it”? TWENTY THOUSAND PLUS LAWS LATER and you are STILL saying the same sad old line. Truth is that it is YOU and people like yourself that “revel in the blood”. Why? So that you can wave the bloody shirt and scream for EVEN MORE INFRINGEMENTS upon our Rights.

No sir. Not any more. Hold criminals accountable. Punish the criminals not the law abiding Citizens. There are more than 100 million gun owners in this country. They own more than 300 million guns. Yet roughly 40,000 die annually from guns. Two-thirds of which are SUICIDES. If you think that a gun is NEEDED for a successful suicide then how do you explain South Korea, Japan and France? All have higher suicide rates than we do.

So I will say it again in order for you to POSSIBLY comprehend. ENFORCE the current laws and punish tge criminals.

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