A post I made one year ago today

Do I believe that people are sick? Yes.

Do I believe people are dying? Yes.

Do I believe some hospitals are overrun? Maybe some.

Do I believe nurses and healthcare workers are terrified? Absolutely Yes.

Do I also believe we are being lied to about a lot? Yes.

Do I believe they’re lying about the numbers?

Do I also believe the media is spinning this?

Do I believe this is political? Yes.

Do I believe this is to strip Americans of more rights? Yes.

Do I believe there’s a bigger picture? Yes.

Do I believe this is more about control than anything else? Yep

Do I believe we as Americans just set the most dangerous precedent for our liberty and freedom ever in the history of the world?
Yes…. And I am 1 million times more terrified of that than I could be of any virus.

Because when we make it out of this I don’t ever want to have to tell my children stories about when America was free.

I won’t discount your fear even if I find it misguided or irrational….

Please don’t discount mine because of the same reasons.

No…. I’m not gonna stop talking about it just because you don’t like my opinion.

Liberty & Freedom are too important. 🖤

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