Straight from one who knows because he has been there.

I think TPUSA should add a new strategy, start using visual points. My country of birth Cuba, where Healthcare is praised all over the world thanks to the Communist propaganda machine, where Socialism is already in place and dysfunctional, is burning as I write these lines. America should start paying attention to what Socialism and the left ideologies bring to the table. FB is filled with thousands of videos of people protesting kidnappings by the Cuban goverment just for speaking their minds, lines of 2 miles just to get a piece of bread. While CNN, NBC, and others are using the Cuban propaganda machine to tell the world that Cuba is developing 4 vaccines for Covid, the people are dying because the free Healthcare can’t provide medicines, antibiotics, aspirin. There is scabies all over the country and people can’t get nothing to treat it. Young kids protesting the communist regime are been beaten and kidnapped. All this while Cuba tries to show the world that socialism works. Most of the time visuals make a bigger impact than words, specially for those who can’t think critically or research before buying something.

Is time to start changing the narratives.

These are some of the groups denouncing what is happening right now, scroll through them:

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