Best explanation I have ever seen.

Everyone needs to read this all the way through and pass it on to every one you know.

It’s all about the spiral. It’s how their minds think. It’s brilliant in a sick, twisted, deranged, psychopathic manner, but it’s absolutely evil. I’m sure some of you (kB)are scratching your head right now, going what in the hell is he talking about? Let me explain my thought process.

Ok, I consider myself an expert in chemistry after working with it for 13 years in a chemical lab & teaching it for 14 years after studying it for 6 years in college. I trained my mind long ago to think of the topic as one would think of a filing cabinet—you have your main drawers of scientific method, conversions & formulas, states & properties of matter, atomic theory & electron behavior, compounds, reactions & stoichiometry, kinetics, thermodynamics, equilibrium, acids/bases/buffers, nuclear, organic, & analytical chemistry. Each drawer has folders on techniques, interesting facts, fundamental examples, analogies and explanations, expected results, trends, calculations & graphing, and important information on each subtopic. Suppose I want to teach something on Le Chatelier’s Principle, I go to the equilibrium drawer, pull out the techniques, examples, explanations, & results folders and then weave it all into a unique lesson. I am also aware of continuous themes that work across all drawers like sig figs, scientific notation, conversions, problem solving, units, and other items. But in this way, I have the information well labeled, categorized, organized & arranged. Kind of like files & apps on a computer that I can open on the desktop whenever I want.

However, a key component that we were taught about teaching & education pedagogy was that you start with a foundation of some knowledge, spiral out to more complex ideas, and then come back to foundation (even if only briefly) to tie everything together. You scaffold harder stuff on(kB) top of easy stuff. It’s like learning the element symbols and names before attempting to describe the atomic structure which begets the trends in the periodic table which then helps to determine the types of compounds & it’s knowing those compound structures which facilitates how they would react and ultimately leads to the properties such as heat, crystal structure, state of matter, properties, reaction rates, behavior with various chemical change agents and finally to a knowledge of how the fundamental nature of the universe is. All of it spiraled out from the fundamental to the more complex with each successive loop reinforcing the previous information that has now become the foundation for knowledge of the substances.

Let me explain with an example. Na is sodium. It is an alkali metal, so very reactive because it has 1 valence (outer) shell electron (the ultimate hero of chemistry) because it has 11 protons, 11 electrons, & 12 neutrons with an average molar mass of its isotopes of 23 g/mol. It has an electronegativity of 0.9 and produces a yellow flame because it has an emission spectrum with a solitary (doublet) line at 590 nm (yellow). It has an atomic size of 227 pm because it only has 3 orbital shells with the last e- in the 3s1 configuration (easy to lose it—low ionization energy). It is a soft, white/gray metal that is nearly 100% soluble in water (reacts very violently to give NaOH in solution—makes it basic or alkaline). It is because of its properties that it reacts very rapidly with chlorine to give NaCl by donating its lone e- to the chlorine. This specific ionic compound called sodium chloride is so common, we refer to it as table salt, not just the more generic term of any ionic salt. It’s the prototypical ionic compound. It’s formula when it’s a solid (crystal) is a repeating lattice of alternating the small sodium cation fitting within the large chloride anion framework to create a face cubic structure which is a very hard white crystal. Because it is easily dissolved and then surrounded by the oxygen atoms within water, the sodium ions are considered extremely soluble & anything that mixes with the Na will be polar due to the ionic nature of the bonds it forms. What you should see from this example is that recognizing the symbol (Na from its original name—natrium), and its position on the periodic table, we can derive even more complex understanding of it. (A spiral that keeps coming back to its origins). Or maybe think of it like an onion with layers, peel back one and new information is available.

Regardless, these globalist think in terms of spirals. All of their plans (kB)spin out from one fundamental belief that they hold to be true: you are nothing but worthless eaters to be used as property for their pleasure because they are better than you in every way. They are elites. You are serfs, peasants, fiefs, cattle, sheep…. disposable. They let you keep what you have as long as you do what they want & it serves their needs. You don’t own anything, it belongs to them, you’re just borrowing it because you either need it to do your job & produce for them or it distracts you from discovering that the wolves are guarding the henhouse and that you outnumber them 1,000,000 to 1. Divided you are easier to control. Fighting amongst yourselves, means you won’t look at the puppet masters behind the curtains. This is why they spend so much time convincing you to believe in pointless things like race, sex, gender, age, religion, left/right, Republican/Democrat, Christian/Muslim/Jew/Asian.

They distract you with sports, TV, music, video games, movies, the dealings of celebrities & the royals, fake causes & movements like Antifa, BLM, white supremacy, ISIS, equity, 1619 project, cancel culture, wokeness, and so on. They engineer false flag events like mass shootings, bombings, riots, violent protests (“January 6th insurrection “), Occupy Wall Street, boycotts, the plandemic, and so on to control your emotions so you agree to go along with their plans to rob you of your freedoms, giving them the ultimate authority to rule over your lives. Because once they have you feeling the way they want: angry, sympathetic, annoyed, outraged, sad, depressed, desperate for safety, fearful, etc., they have you. They will bark and you will (kB)Baaa out, “yes master. Whatever you say. Make us feel safe again. Take away the “evil man”. Do what you think is best. We ain’t smart like you. Just keep us in free money. Yes we will wear masks/muzzles for you if you think it’s best, but please tell us it’s by following the science first. Let us lick your hand, oh owner. You’re such a good master and we are your loving pets.”

It’s disgusting. And the truly sad & absurd part, they keep spiraling out the same tired & worn out playbook and the idiots fall for it every freaking time. Just to “get back to normal.” Or “flatten the curve.” “Stop the spread.” “Give reparations for Equality’s sake.” “To prevent oppression of minorities by [The man or the system]”. “For everyone’s protection”. “Because YOU are going to kill grandma.” “Let the government help, they’ve have all the answers.” “The rich should pay their fair share.” “It’s only a tax on the wealthy.” “This is going to benefit everyone (except you awful white males).” “We have to be sustainable IN ORDER to protect the environment OR Else Climate Change Will occur.” “”Women won’t mind if men use the same bathroom as long as the man identifies as a woman or a unicorn or a teddy bear.” “It’s only temporary. It should end soon.” “If WE all pull together, society will be a Utopia (never mind that we the elite would never let you slaves actually unite over something meaningful & the Garden of Eden will never be for someone as despicable and deplorable as your worthless, sorry ass is).” “We have to be green to save mother Gaia from the virus of humanity.” “We have to pass it SO we can read it.” “You can keep your doctor.” “I did not have sexual relations with THAT woman.” “We came, we saw, he died. What difference does it make now?” “I did not use a personal server.” “It’s not my laptop.” “I will not enact gun laws.” “I will raise taxes, but not on you, on someone else.” “I am Native American.” “Wear a mask protects you and your neighbor.” “Stay 6 feet apart and social distance for our protection.” “They’re peaceful protests not riots.” “If only we could get orange man (kB)band’s taxes, I’m sure we will find a crime.” “I did not push the sick into the elderly nursing homes.” “The FBI does not spy on political candidates.” “The Steele Dossier & the Mueller Report are going to show hard evidence of collusion.” “We’ve been to the moon.” “We had 8 years of scandal free administration.” “Cv isn’t letting up & neither are we. Social distance & keep that mask up. For all of us”. I could keep going, but I think you get the point—they lie to us nonstop & no one questions it. The normies just eat it up like it’s chocolate pudding, ignoring the stench of absolute bullish!t.

So how does this relate to a spiral. Well, you remember their fundamental belief: you suck, they’re perfect & know what’s best for you, right? Let’s follow out a typical spiral.

Pre-election: people may get sick because they have to stand near one another to vote, so we need Mail-in ballots sent to everyone regardless of whether they are registered to vote or are illegally here. Then, we need to open the border and accept all immigrants. We then need to ship them all across the country as they wait their asylum trials (we told them to use this because we know the ways around the law). We need to bring them up from every country in South America because they are fleeing brutal oppression (due to our horrendous economic policies that we have used to blackmail, extort, and control their governments with). We will even give them incentives to come here such as free money, free healthcare, free supplements to help them find a house to live in, free taxes, a free social security number and ID (we will provide them so they don’t have to worry about how to get them). We (kB)also won’t prosecute or deport any of the criminal gangs & psychos (who we secretly pay to “transport” them up to our border & they are free to traffic them, rape them, abuse them as long as they get them here) that entice these families to lay all their hopes on a brighter future if they can just get their kids in the US. We encourage only kids for several reasons, easier to abuse along the way, easier to lose when they get here (no one will complain if we use them for our own purposes), and we can let them be the anchors for bringing the rest of the family in since they will be in the system the longest (ESL & bilingual programs in the schools, free lunch, foster care & the monthly payments, EBT for food, disability payments because we will call them special ed, etc). Once the kids are in, we can bring the parents in & set them up with government assistance (who cares if they skip their asylum trial, that was just a means to an end anyway). We only ask one thing of the adults (and in the future, the kids), vote for us so we stay in power, don’t worry they won’t need voter ID.

Then after the election has been stolen and the state legislatures decide to fix the voting laws, like in GA recently, we the elites are going to throw a conniption fit using the corporations (can’t use the government or people would suspect our true motives) to pressure the state senators (if we haven’t already blackmailed them using honey pots for sex, cash for “their campaigns,” drugs, sex cults, orgies, underage prostitutes, book deals, or any number of ways of compromising them) to vote our way (a huge consequence of trillion dollar stimulus and free money printing policies of the western central bank (Ponzi scam) system). And the CEO’s of the new corporate TECHNOCRACY (all those who are bought into & paid for the blackmail system — they participate in it to advance, because their families have ties to this(kB) elite cult through birth, marriage, indoctrination, as bastards of the 13 main families—shipped to normal looking families to appear to keep the bloodlines pure or as former operatives for the higher ups) will then push the agenda.

Look at MLB, Delta, Home Depot, and 100 other CEO’s who had a zoom meeting this past week to discuss how to pressure GA to remove their new law & how to affect the other states who do the same. Look at the Council of Rome, the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, the G8 summits, the council on Foreign Affairs, Democracy for a New America, FreeStart Program, any number of NGO’s (nongovernmental organizations) used to create policy, the CDC, the NIH, the SEC, the Fed, any government organization that’s supposed to be independent and help the people (only ever helps the bureaucracy or the elites). Then if people still don’t comply, they send in the FBI, C_A, corrupt police, DOJ, ATF, etc. to do the dirty work of removing those who resist. If that still fails, they will use gangs like MS-13 to assassination those in power who don’t go along with the program. And if that still doesn’t work, then they will write EO’s from the head puppet that push the policy the way they want. They also use lobbyists (revolving door—politician to public speaker to book deal to lobbyists to politicians) to facilitate the bribes and blackmail. When all else fails, they make up false accusations like sexual harassment or even abuse and then the “direct” the defendant into a court system where the judges have been bought & paid for through the same exact process described above. The result injustice for them (they go free), prison & bankruptcy for you.

And, while all of this is happening behind the scenes, they feed fake stories to the news with 4 am drops to control the narrative with the talking heads on tv. (kB)Most of whom are either related to someone in these other positions of power, or were indoctrinated into the cult through programs like MK Ultra, Operation Mockingbird, operation paper clip, the butterfly projects, etc where the victims were abused and their minds fractured through ritual abuse.

They do the same to those in Hollywood, so when they need a favor in support of a cause (like against GA voter ID law), they use celebrities to push the narrative. When that fails, then they pull the race card which they are doing now. They assume that minorities are stupid. Why else would they say that minorities cannot get an ID because they can’t find the DMV (maps & GPS anyone?), or go online to apply (can be done on a smart phone which almost everyone has these days), or they can’t find the voting precinct (maps again or a simple phone call for directions), or that they are so impoverished (by the elites & in particular the Democrats—same people who voted against 13, 14, & 15th Amendments, against civil rights, enacted Jim Crowe laws, founded KKK, seceded over slavery, used police to enforce segregation, perpetuated the lie of the Southern Strategy & that there was a flip in the Republican Party to white suprematism, elected a president who didn’t want his kids to attend the “same urban jungle schools” as those “minorities who are just as smart as white students” & who spoke at the KKK grand Eagle’s —Robert Byrd— funeral about what a great guy he was) that they would need public transportation just to get the ID, created planned parenthood which (kB)kills more minority babies because the company founder was a known Eugenicist & racist & minority communities were targeted. Really who are the racists? Not the average American or Republican (the party that has actually fought a war for equality for all, regardless of race, sex, gender, religion, creed).

When that fails, they orchestrate false flag events to sway opinion. Just look at the border crisis & the number of mass shootings under Obama & now under Biden. What are they pushing? Gun confiscation? Why? What do these technocrats & bankers & corrupt politicians want to do to us that they KNOW we would defend ourselves against with lethal force if we knew their plans? Could it be forced microchip, booster vaxes (why the ad campaigns pushing fear of new waves of the scam virus, just so they can get corporations to enforce mandatory vaccines and a vaccine passport — isn’t this the same tactic used by Nazis —papers please, to push their agenda?), linking us to AI & transhumanism, 5G radiation sickness (more cv?), fake meat, more soy, more chemtrails, blocking out the sun, carbon credits to breathe, cancel culture and mindthink, word police, keeping us barely alive with crap food (why did China & Bill Gates buy up so much farmland— do they intend to starve us into submission—wouldn’t be the first time that communists have used that tactic), depopulation down to 500 million, a collapse of the fiat currency so they can go to one world (kB)digital dollar (they needed a war, WW3 has been planned for decades, they just haven’t been able to start it, but Trump stopped that, now war rumors are ramping back up—got to get back on track with the 16 year plan and make China the new Super Power, but the virus is not good enough to justify the Great Reset so be on the lookout for another round which WILL actually be deadly—this was the dress rehearsal and we failed & they now know which buttons to push to control us—submitted too fast to lies), one world government, one world religion worshipping Gaia (who will manifest as a cyborg), moving us into stack & pack overcrowded cities (why Biden is now pushing zoning law “reform”) where we are dependent on them and the government for everything.

They want total fascist control. Their methods are identical to the Nazis and Communists: brown shirts—-Antifa & BLM to replace the defunded police—so they can both cause chaos & “enforce” justice. Propaganda minister—mainstream media.

Concentration camps—child facilities at the border (did you know they are now housing some of the immigrants kids(kB) at the same internment camps in California they used against the Japanese Americans during WWII) and FEMA re-education facilities (prisons & Walmart when they are ready to go live). Isolation of one group—Jews then, whites now. Easily seen identity markers—yellow Star of David then, blue check mark on social media, soon to be microchip trackers in the right hand or forehead or vax papers (did you know IBM created the programs to track the prisoners at Auschwitz & now they want to build the vaccine passport infrastructure, and that Ford built tanks for both sides of WW2?) & I would not be surprised if they try to introduce some required tattoo or badge to prove you are healthy & had the latest booster.

Censorship—people disappeared if they spoke out against Hitler & Stalin. Now Big Tech & Social Media (programs handed to Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Bezos, etc by the C_A which would put the Stalin censorship to shame—terms of service my butt, it’s talk on the correct topics or your page vanishes. Like 1984 on steroids) try to control the flow of information like the ministry of Truth in Orwell’s book. (kB)They also change the meanings of words (up is now down, left is now right, man is now woman). Hitler burned book. Big tech just deplatforms sites. Fear—the brown shirts, the KGB, the Red Guard, Antifa, BLM, gangs, FBI, ATF, and so on are used to create fear and riots of actual physical violence & loss and then they blame it on someone else just like they did with the storming the Capitol (Reichstagg fire comes to mind). Then the media markets the violence & negativity by highlighting ever false flag mass shooting, every riot, every staged cop brutality all to get the anger response, all the while claiming it is peaceful protests. They also use disease and the media to create fear as well.

Demicide— communist & Nazi countries and leaders killed more people in the 20th century than all the people that died on the battlefield of all wars combined (they also use war to depopulate and to cover their economic collapses that they orchestrated). Economic debt, printing easy money, devaluation, leverage, fake currencies, collapse every 30-50 years, high taxes, government confiscation of goods, services, gold, bribery for favorable laws & corporate exemptions, fake credit, market manipulation—these are all techniques they have been using for over 100+ years (think Weimar Republic). You don’t like what they are doing, or don’t go along with their plans, they (kB)invade you and destroy your country and your lives. Then they rebuild your country by offering you new money where they charge you interest on printing your own money so that once the debt gets high enough, you are controlled. They also create scarcity in food to starve you into submission, scarcity in goods(think oil prices & the oil shortage of 1970’s), outrageous loans so they can force austerity & even negative rates (fixed by stealing from private bank accounts or taxes—think Greece, Spain, Italy).

Multinational organizations—think League of Nations, United Nations (all their “sustainable agenda”), European Union, IMF, BIS, the trade commission, only 6 media corporations, the proposed North American Union, WHO, the Olympics, insurance conglomerates, medical trusts, governing boards for corporations, big tech, social media. What do these have in common? They are all a form of centralization. It’s so much easier to control everything from a government supported central technocracy than from multiple distinct institutions. This is a huge part of their overall globalist goal—absolute fascist control over everything—where you go, what you eat, who you talk to, what religion you practice, who or what you have sex with, your reproduction choices, what you think, what (kB)job you have, where you live, when and how long you live and die, all of it. You are the slave. They are the elite masters above the laws and rules. You live in abject poverty on the brink of utter destruction while they live an opulent lifestyle with all kinds of benefits and perks like immortality, out of this world healthcare, the best food, drugs, sex partners, yachts, planes, mansions, access to all sporting & entertainment events. They think of you as livestock for their needs and consumption.

One religion—the Vatican actually supported Hitler, so did the British monarchy—yes Prince Philip who recently died actually marched in Nazi uniform during the early part of WW2 and Prince Harry dressed up as a Nazi for Halloween. Think of the Pope trying to unite Judaism, Catholics, and Muslims into a single unitary religion. They need all these disparate and oftentimes fighting philosophies to unite so they can roll out their Gaia worship of the AI once the singularity happens. But they can’t allow any government associations with one particular religion so they have allowed satanism, Islamic, and Hinduism & Buddhist prayers to be said in congress but not Christians or they have chosen nondenominational ones. It’s about which (kB)thoughts are acceptable and which gods are encouraged.

Education —the Nazis & Communist China had children education centers and youth movements who job it was to ridicule, spy, and tell on their parents and other adults to help remove dissidents. They want the state to be the parents. This is part of why Child protective services has also been involved in child sex trafficking. Why they pushed Common Core (to make people dumb), climate change & Gaia worship, Earth Day, evolution, removal of pledge of allegiance, removal of god from schools, they have to start their indoctrination early and they can’t let the parent’s beliefs interfere with their agendas. If the kids are taught to mistrust each other, wear a muzzle, social distance, they will never grow up to have a empathetic and sympathetic soul. They will be heartless, uncaring, unimaginative, socially isolated automatons that will never rebel against the powers that be’s authority.

Entertainment—music, tv, games, movies, sports have been giving us clues about their plans(kB) for years, but people dismissed it as conspiracy theories, when in reality it was conditional, operant and predictive programming so that when their plans went live, we would be agreeable to go along and respond in the appropriate manner they desire. Look at what they promote. Their agenda and the symbolism they use are everywhere (this is why boy lover and girl lover symbols are a spiral triangle, a spiral heart, butterflies and why they use code words like pizza, sauce, walnut, cheese, hot dog, spaghetti, etc, and it’s why they promote Drag Queen reading days at libraries, pedo or gay literature and movies, the trans movement into sports and bathrooms, classifying it as minor attraction not child abuse, magic & witches & wizardry in tv shows, openly gay characters in children’s shows, and gang life in rap music). They have to put it out there for some reason to “clear their conscience”, but also to groom the younger audience into their demented ideology.

As you can see, this spiral has gotten bigger and bigger to the point that it touches almost every aspect of life. They have infiltrated every government, every corporation, every agency, every human interaction. Those who take their bribes, their sex traps(kB), their influence, their corruption, then they are promoted. Those who try to be moral are condemned and are accused using fake actors to discredit them. If they are allowed to continue with their plans, we will not have a chance to live our lives as free people. There was a saying from WW2. First they came for the gypsies, then they came for Jews, then the came for the bakers, then they came for the neighbors, then they came for me, but no one was their to stand beside me because I didn’t stand for any of them earlier. It’s a good moral. We have to unite now and confront their evil or when their evil progresses, there won’t be enough of us left to make an effective defense against their anti-human machinations. Refuse the vax. Refuse the mask. Refuse the gun grab. Refuse loss of freedom one chip at a time. Refuse the lockdowns. Refuse to play their game. Refuse to buy from the corporations that have gone political. Refuse to teach your kids about 1619 except to tell them it’s garbage. Refuse (kB)to buy into climate change. Refuse to follow their program. Us United is their worst fear. We ARE the United State of Americans. They are parasites. They are the virus. And good sunlight will kill their disease. Get off their spiral yellow brick road. Don’t interact with their global schemes except to refute and condemn them for the fascist technocratic corporatism globalist control method of unending evil it really is. No one world government. No new normal. Epstein, Evergreen, Ghislaine, Nvxm, border crisis, great reset, zoning laws, sustainability, UN Agenda 2030, cv, vax passport, GA voter ID laws & corporation responses, Podesta emails, HAMMR and Scorecard, election fraud, Russian Collusion Delusion, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, Jussie Smollett, Biden EO’s, gun grab laws, the price of gold/silver/Bitcoin, Weinstein, Cosby, Adrenochrome, Sophia the robot, Tesla & NASA, gas prices,common core, Iran Contra, Iran & North Korea having nukes, the Lusitania, the Titanic, the Bay of Pigs, JFK, the Skripols, Columbine, 9-11, Sandy Hook, George Floyd, the riots, the 16 year plan, Q, January 6, corrupt politicians, and so much more. Which event is finally going to wake your ass up from the matrix induced slumber??? Do some research. Fight the globalist oligarchy of (kB)technocrats. They lie better than a rug. Wake the freak up. Leave the spiral behind. Stand for your rights before they are all gone. We are in a time of the ultimate battle for the soul of our country, the world, and ourselves. If not now, when? Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself. We didn’t start the fire, but patriots are sure as hell going to put it out. So which are you, a sheep for slaughter or a patriot?
Be safe y’all. Written by Kevin Bailey.

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