Is this what you really want?

What would have happened if the police officer had been black and George Floyd had been white? Remember one set of rules for both sides.

Brown and the bogus hands up idea but yesterday was the verification of where we see mainstream society at for celebrating a police office being found guilty of all crimes when the autopsy showed that George Floyd died of a drug overdose. This case was marred by political interference from Maxine Waters to even Joe Biden’s morning prayer for the right result. That jury was pressured so much that they made this call for the own well being but isn’t it ironic that the mafia use to do the same things way back when and the government including JFK hated that? Funny how the narrative changes when its the suits doing the awful deeds. Who knows if Waters comments will go anywhere long run but now we have a bad issue at hand that’s not going anywhere anytime soon as Mark Dice states in the video below.

The biggest issue I am seeing is the growing hate for police on all sides of the line. Sure some officers are not good but the badge is a symbol of serving the public, when people side against the police so easily, it makes them sound just like BLM in theory. Now is not the time we turn on people but instead we work as one because if the police is gone then social workers and BLM will be the ones deputized and what do you think democrats and many Republicans will do with them to harm and take away the freedoms we hold so close to us?

At the rate we are going, things will look like the wild west or the ghetto essentially with people walking up to enemies and putting a bullet between their eyes for whatever cause it might be. I hope and I pray that we don’t see society collapse but I think politicians and fortune 500 company owners need to be blamed and if it happens then if violence hits them then I guess Karma will have hit them hard too no matter the size of their bank accounts. I just hope we see people work together to fix the issues and have life be fruitful to those that go for the dream. If we fall into the pits of darkness or allow the mainstream society morons move the moral compass then we could see long term disaster and quite honestly, we are still better than that.

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