Somethings just get better with age.

“Rainbow River” The deep cherry red of the wood first drew me to this spot on the Potato River in NW Wisconsin. However, I also love the green of the leaves and the blues of the sky as it is reflected off the water.

It reminded me of something I read years ago…

“A gentleman, writing about the breaking up of old ships, recently said that it is not the age alone which improves the quality of the fiber in the wood of an old vessel, but the straining and wrenching of the vessel by the sea, the chemical action of the bilge water, and of many kinds of cargoes.

Some planks and veneers made from an oak beam which had been part of a ship eighty years old were exhibited a few years ago at a fashionable furniture store on Broadway, New York, and attracted general notice for the exquisite coloring and beautiful grain.

Equally striking were some beams of mahogany taken from a ship which sailed the seas sixty years ago. The years and the traffic had contracted the pores and deepened the color, until it looked as superb in its chromatic intensity as an antique Chinese vase. It was made into a cabinet, and has today a place of honor in the drawing-room of a wealthy New York family.”

Maybe you are going through something really hard right now. Maybe, through all the pain, God is making you into a beautiful work of art. He continues to shape us, until, like a good tool, we fit perfectly in His hand to accomplish what He wants us to accomplish in this life.

As I have gone through hard things in life I am learning that if God has allowed me to face something really hard that God will make me strong enough to endure it. Strong enough to face what He wants me to face, to not shy away from the pain, but to reach up, grab His big right hand and then walk through the flames in the knowledge that God has allowed this to occur in my life and he filtered it through His hands before it hit me. I want the courage to stand up for what is right and not ever lose the energy to fight those battles that need to be fought.

And it will all be worth it in the end…

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