Who owns your life? You or the government?

Patricia Anthone

Who owns your life?
This is the question at the heart of America’s present struggle to survive an onslaught of ideological propaganda from power-seekers.
Collectivist constructs like socialism and communism are based on the idea that the “collective” owns society and all of the individuals of which it’s comprised.
What’s the problem with a philosophy that calls on people to yield “ownership” of their life; time, talent, skills, earnings and property, to the “collective”? Isn’t it about unselfishness and harmony?
No. It’s about power.
And it leads, without fail, to unspeakable cruelty, tyranny and abuse of human beings.
The “collective” is an abstract idea which can ONLY take physical form (and physical possession of your life) as GOVERNMENT; Force of Law exercised by other flawed and fallible people.
A government constituted WITHOUT accountability to the life and rights of the individual, it is not accountable to anyONE or anything.
Racist ideologies such as Critical Race Theory are a particularly virulent form of collectivism.
While they, too, dismiss the INDIVIDUAL person in deference to the COLLECTIVE(s) to which the person is assigned, this form of collectivism actively incites racial hatred; the goal of which is to win support for government-contrived “EQUITY”; forcibly-engineered statistical parity among racial, ethnic or other contrived “collectives.”
This, of course, is the very definition of SYSTEMIC RACISM. And it cannot take codified form when the Force of Law is held accountable to the inalienable rights of the individual person.
History shows us that every imaginable horror will be inflicted on people when those in power are not held accountable to the life and natural rights of flesh and blood individuals. Government is established to secure the natural liberties of people by enforcing proscriptions on infringment by force, fraud, theft, coercion and invasion. When this legitimate function is REPLACED by “pusue the ‘greater good’ however it may be defined by those in office” then there is NO LIMIT on the use of force.
Government is either restrained by accountability to the inalienable rights of the individual, or the use of force is entirely WITHOUT RESTRAINT; free to SUBSUME society.
Ordered Liberty under a citizen-instituted government cannot “coexist” with codified collectivism in any form. Collectivism must be thoroughly defeated and purged from positions of power if we hope to survive.

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