It is time to stop being silent.

From Vincent Thomas Paine:

The so called silent majority.

Many of us believe that there’s this super giant silent majority of conservatives out there. While I believe more than half this nation currently holds a right of center worldview, I doubt that there’s a large silent majority.

The danger of relying on a silent majority is that it can instill a false sense of hope, and excuses us from our responsibility to act, as well as protect us from an unpleasant reality.

I know from both FB and Twitter that there are many leftists out there who are hopeless tools and useful idiots of the Democrat Media Machine.

It is a better strategy to assume there is NO silent majority. That the number of people who hold a conservative world view are shrinking.

When we take into account…

Immigration, both legal and illegal, the vast majority of these immigrants vote Democrat.

Indoctrination in education. Each year, thousands of new voters are produced domestically, the vast majority of who are conditioned through leftist propaganda that communism is better than capitalism.

It seems like conservatives are becoming an endangered species.

Leftists control almost every institution in our country. Even churches. There is nothing they don’t have their hands on.

They run the government, the justice department and most of our Intel agencies.

We all know this. We’ve seen the blatant crimes and abuse of power by the Left in incidents such as spygate, Emailgate, Hunter’s laptop, and so much more. Yet not one serious investigation into any of this.

Look at how the FBI treated Hillary Clinton and compare that to their treatment of Donald Trump.

FBI agents including Peter Strozk, interviewed her about her private server and deleted emails. There was no documentation of that interview, and it only took a few hours.

Soon after Trump took office, Comey broke protocol and sent agents to interview a retired General, Mike Flynn, under false pretenses, convincing him he didn’t need a lawyer present. They not only memorialized the interview in a ‘302’ they went back and changed that 302 in order to go after Flynn and charge him with the crime of lying to the FBI.

We are in serious trouble. I have said and continue to say that the Left is very close to their goal of a Marxist America.

We don’t have true freedom, aren’t safe, and we are living under a grand illusion that we have both freedom and safety. We do not.

Our politicians continue to sell us out to China. They want to reward Iran with nuclear bombs. They are allowing Russia to build a pipeline.

The news media blatantly lies to us and they don’t care that we know. They know that millions of useful idiots believe their lies.

Social media blatantly censors conservatives and they don’t care that we know. They know millions of useful idiots WANT us silenced.

Schools and colleges continue to push Marxist propaganda via critical race theory, the 1619 project, institutional racism, and the Climate Change hoax. They don’t care that we know it’s all a lie. They know millions of useful idiots believe it like we believe in God.

If there was this vast and YUGE silent majority, they wouldn’t be able to get away with all they do.

We are a bitterly and hopelessly divided nation. A division caused by design. It’s part of the 4 stages of ideological subversion, a process outlined by Yuri Bezmenov.

  1. Demoralization.
  2. Destablization.
  3. Crisis.
  4. Normalization.

We’re at stage 3.

So while these passion-less so called leaders of the Republican party continue their usually dull talking points like Mitch McConnell, the Left continues with their conquest of America.

It’s not so much what Republicans say. It’s what they’re NOT saying…

That the Democrat Party is full of Marxists, radical Islamists, and anti American radicals. That they are hell bent on destroying everything we hold dear, including our freedoms.

Let go the myth of the silent giant majority. Fight back. Beginning with education.

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