You to read this and think about it.

“… if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without his notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without his aid?”
Dr. Benjamin Franklin, June 28, 1787 speaking at the Constitutional Convention

The USA rose victorious against insurmountable odds:

Our forefathers faced the world’s then MILITARY SUPERPOWER so poorly equipped that some carried “rifles” carved from boards rather than real ones. All lacked sufficient ammo, equipment and adequate clothing. Most were grossly underfed.

They should not have prevailed against the Mighty Crown. By every estimation of human reason and military history, the Revolutionaries should have been beaten and cowed into submission.
And had they relied on human power alone, the story of America would have ended in precisely that way.
It did not.

Our forefathers dedicated their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to a glorious, if then unproven vision inspired by their faith in God as the Creator of all:

That a nation might be founded on the fundamental morality of respect for the life and natural rights of each person.
God, the Author of Morality, evidently smiled on that enlightened vision.

People of faith, vision and wisdom of every age have contributed insights about human nature and society that far surpass their own generation’s capacity to fully manifest.

Such was the case with the visionaries such as John Locke who, hundreds of years prior to the American Revolution, described the natural rights of the human being.

Only Divine Wisdom can transcend the power-lust and ego endemic to human nature to realize that Order, Progress and Prosperity are products of the CONSENTING, interdependent exchange made possible by equal protection of the law.

Only Divine Providence has permitted America’s survival thus far;
allowing Ordered Liberty, through Equal Protection under Law, better and more complete expression by every subsequent generation.

Today we face as insurmountable a challenge as did our forefathers.

We face an enemy within; an infiltration by those who seek to crumble the bedrock of America’s founding:
Respect for the unalienable, natural rights of the individual.

When governmental authority is exercised without accountability to the rights of the individual, government will horrifically abuse the people it was instituted to serve. Its excessive control will eventually consume the society on which it depends for its own survival. But human knowledge of this historically-proven failing alone will not be sufficient to avoid this fate.

In spite of undeniable proof of the evils of collectivism; its disregard of persons and its “authorizations” of unaccountable power to a ruling elite, proponents of collectivism; describing their cause as “social justice,” have successfully infiltrated media, education, entertainment, info tech and now medicine. They have seduced entire generations by perverting the idea of individual liberty to include a “right” to impose on others.

The degradation of our foundational purpose has America crumbling from the inside.

We find ourselves today in the SAME helpless condition as did our brave forefathers. And as they did, we have but one abiding hope:

…That God will smile upon the cause of human liberty; that if we turn to HIM for inspiration, direction and strength, God might allow this nation to again prevail over insurmountable odds.

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